58% of Russians reported a decrease in wages after the introduction of the mode of isolation of the pandemic coronavirus. This was reported by online recruitment “”. Money from the population is barely enough for life — including all compulsory payments and buying groceries. The additional costs cannot be considered. Meanwhile, the lack of consumer demand will significantly slow the economic recovery. The sellers and manufacturers of goods will not be to profit, and, consequently, even further curtail the salaries of staff. Experts are convinced that help can only direct monetary payments to the population.

the incomes of the population — not only the goal is important and valuable to the economy itself. This condition, the source and stimulus of support and business growth, the economy as a whole. If few people have money for current expenses, then they will not be able to buy goods and services in the right amount to receive the income of their vendors, the enterprise. They, in turn, will not release products, as there is no effective demand — not to sell it.

“the Production is stagnating, and did not receive income workers in these companies, suppliers, transporters, merchants, — stressed the chief analyst of TeleTrade mark in real. — The budget is less tax – hence the lack of funds for payments to state employees and pensioners”.

the Fall in real disposable incomes due to the impact of the pandemic has just begun, unfortunately. Evaluation of the HSE, their decline in the second quarter could reach 21.8% in annual terms.

“the anti-crisis measures of support will reduce this fall to 19.6%. In General, the year will decrease, as predicted by 8-12%. This is extremely negative for business, the level of GDP — said Goikhman. — He can fall over the year by 6-8%, including due to lack of internal payment demand due to reduced income people.” According to experts, the most important measure to support the economy — support payments to people.

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