500 thousand digitized goods and services registered in the catalog standard commercial units over two years. A special section of the vendor portal is focused on Metropolitan and regional customers. The classifier is an automated electronic catalog of goods, services and works, in which it is possible to quickly find the required products, to evaluate the technical and cost characteristics, to compare offers.

According to head of the Moscow Department for competition policy of Ivan Shcherbakov, the portal is constantly modernizarea and supplemented with new functions. This year at the site in pilot mode has launched a reference tool for electronic document management on-line interaction between customers and suppliers.

the Volume of prisoners in the vendor portal, contracts with private entrepreneurs increased by 30 potentitally the volume of B2B transactions in the vendor portal is nearly 87 million rubles.

the vendor Portal was created in 2013 to automate the procedures of procurement of small volume. Now with the portal have been working for more than 170 thousands of suppliers, a daily increase of more than 100 new suppliers and the unique directory of goods, works and services exceeded 500 thousand items.