A barber in Horsens, denmark, is charged with failing to comply with the rules that currently apply due to coronakrisen.

Coronasmitten has meant that it is not allowed for a wide range of occupations, including hairdressing, to keep open.

But it is apparently not all that intend to comply with the rules.

Thus have Sydøstjyllands Police now charged with a barber to keep open, although it is not allowed these days, writes Horsens Folkeblad.

“There is raised a charge against a hairdresser. It is, of course, that the hairdresser had customers, even though it is not allowed according to the særloven, says Ulla Kaspersen, who also will not disclose how the hairdresser responded to the charge,” says the chief communications officer Ulla Kaspersen from Sydøstjyllands Police to the media.

do you Know other hairdressers, who also keeps open, or are you one of them? So hear B. T. would like from you. Write to sboa@bt.dk

on Wednesday last week entered the new rules in force to prevent the spread of coronasmitte. Under the rules, bars, discos, restaurants and other establishments keep closed.

in Addition, it is prohibited to publicly assemble more than 10 people.

While the vast majority of have directed into and abide by the rules, there has in the past week, been several examples that the rules have been violated.

On a vandpibecafé in Copenhagen’s Northwest area, there was the Friday night meeting 23 persons, and in Odense were the owners of two taverns and a vandpibecafé aim to stay open in conflict with the rules, writes the news agency Ritzau.

Not everyone takes it just nicely, when the police show up.

A few officers from the South Jutland Police met both swearing and a fuckfinger, as a response, since the Sunday evening, aimed a restaurateur in Henne Beach to stay open in violation of the prohibition.

the Penalties, in order to meet more than 10 persons is a fine of 1500 dollars for each, while the restaurateurs and others who are open in violation of the prohibition, a fine of 5000 crowns.