The case against racial discrimination had to stop, the Prosecutor’s office intra-Schwyz, as announced on Monday. The texts are formulated in such a way that they exceeded the criminal law has no limits. They contained, for example, no explicit insults, taunts, or hatred calls.

The Flyer in postcard form, in August 2017 in the municipalities of the Canton of Schwyz, Laugh, Herrliberg, and Eschenbach. Prosecutors and police identified as the author of a in the Canton of Schwyz resident Swiss. The postcards were created as a photo montage together, showed, among other things, minarets in the Swiss villages.

criminal warrant issued

The man wrote, according to prosecutors, the card text, and distributed the flyers in the communities themselves. Because on the Flyer is the official coat of arms of the respective communities were printed, came the man against the coat of arms protection act. In addition, the police found him in illegal weapons.

The Prosecutor’s office Innerschwyz had issued against the man, therefore, a criminal command, and sentenced him to a conditional monetary penalty and a fine. The order of punishment was legal, writes the Prosecutor’s office. (SDA)