Haas racer had namely problems with the clutch after just 16 laps, and thus had to Kevin Magnussen in the pit to get rectified the error.

The visit to the garage was expensive for the dane and his team, who first received the track of the car with a half hour left of the otherwise four-hour test time.

even Though Kevin Magnussen came back and got to run some laps, was Friday, a bad dress rehearsal for Haas, before heading to Australia, where the first race is run in Melbourne in mid-march.

Kevin Magnussens best time extended to a 13. out of a total of 14 drivers on Friday. And he drove just 29 measly laps – the fewest of all.

Romain Grosjean finished with 11. best lap time, and thus continued Haas to place themselves in the heavy half of the tidstavlen.

Although the team did not have chased fast times, it is never a very good sign to be among the rear.