Hackers uncovered a portion of the compromising evidence on the President of the United States Donald trump that allegedly can prevent him re-elected for a second term in November.

According to Forbes, a group of hackers who call themselves REvil, hacked into the law firm from new York, headed by lawyer Allen Grubman thing. Neither the firm nor its head are not affiliated with trump.

Last week, the scammers tried to extort a sum of $21 million for dirt on Lady Gaga, Madonna, the band U2 and other artists who are clients of the law firm.

Then cracks began to demand $42 million, threatening to publish the incriminating data on the American leader.

In the words of the Grubman thing, the hackers gave him links to encrypted files that featured trump’s name, but no incriminating files.

As previously wrote the best programmers in the world are trained in Russia as the best hackers. Therefore, all the main cyberblade planet speak Russian, have declared in conversation with journalists the head of “Kaspersky Lab” Evgeny Kaspersky.