The Office for the Protection of the Constitution is currently investigating the suspicion that Russian intelligence services may have infiltrated the Federal Ministry of Economics. Economics Minister Robert Habeck initiated this investigation in the spring after internal papers on Nord Stream 2, the filling level of the gas storage facilities and the report on Germany’s security of supply showed anomalies, reports “Zeit”.

The documents are said to have clearly addressed the Russian point of view, even if the arguments often did not fit the official line of the federal government. The focus is therefore now on two senior officials from the Ministry of Economics who have important positions in the energy supply.

So the secret service investigated the relationship between the two suspects and Russia. Curriculum vitae were checked, and biographical anomalies were found, such as a study visit to Russia. In addition, trips were checked and friendships examined. It came out that there was an “emotional closeness to Russia”.

But so far no solid evidence has been found that could prove espionage or corruption. In order to protect the two employees, they should initially remain anonymous. In the past, a mere suspicion of espionage often led to the end of a career.

The Minister for Economic Affairs must make the decision on how to deal with the two officials.