Again there is nothing countable for Mick Schumacher in the Formula 1 race in Montreal. Nevertheless, the Haas driver kept his word during the self-declared restart and delivered on the track. The little stray into the Mercedes box remains Schumacher’s only lapse in Canada.

Mick Schumacher had announced a restart for Canada. And he kept his word, at least as far as his own performance was concerned. Sixth in qualifying, better than ever in extremely difficult conditions on a wet track.

And even in the race in sunshine, he had good prospects in the first half of the field – until a drive defect stopped Schumacher after less than a third of the race distance.

“We showed that we have what it takes to be in the points,” he said afterwards. “I think today was the day, but on another day.”

Despite the anger about the end, the overall appearance of the record world champion son had the effect of brightening the mood. Big eyes, big smile. It didn’t matter that he got lost in the Mercedes pits at some point over the weekend.

Suddenly, the bosses looked a bit puzzled when Schumacher, slightly confused, looked for the right exit. Team boss Toto Wolff had recently indicated in an RTL interview that he could imagine Schumacher in a silver arrow at some point. “Why not?” he had replied.

Mercedes is happy with Lewis Hamilton and George Russell and also has some good juniors who are developing. “But Mick, with or without the name Schumacher, with the strengths I mentioned before, is someone who will always be on our radar.” Especially if he continues like he did at the restart in Montreal.

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