Normally, Felix van Deventer (23) shares the good news with his Fans on his Instagram profile. So the “Good times – Bad times”-Star shows often schmusend with his girlfriend, Antje (22), or, announced in July, the birth of his son Noah. Now he triggered with a Post, but a big concern for his Fans.

Because, as he tells in a Story, is van Deventer is currently in the hospital. “I had yesterday plunged to an accident, and I am four feet deep from the balcony. I was a part of the spine is broken! But more is not happened to me fortunately! It could have been much worse. Thank God,” he describes his current Situation.

finally, in the case of “I’m a celebrity – get me out of here!” to see

The Soap actor in “GZSZ” as the would-be to see DJ Jonas Seefeld. At the beginning of the year, he made but especially with other RTL-Show attention. Van Deventer made in the case of “I’m a celebrity – get me out of here!” and was able to take second place behind the jungle Queen Evelyn Burdecki (30).

At the request of the “image” says a spokesperson of “Good times – Bad times” that the accident had not happened during the filming: “Surely he will soon be whole again for his family and Fans there and at GZSZ can rotate. From the whole Team: get well soon and a speedy recovery!” The wish van Deventer also determines his Fans. (klm)