the 1,42-metre gymnastics Simone Biles flea turns to the on Friday starting artistic gymnastics world Cup in Stuttgart’s Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-hall. And for the US record world champion all about your two new elements rotates: the “Triple-Double”, the tucked double Salto with three screws on the bottom. As well as the “Double-Double”, a double somersault with two screws as the finish from the bar. It shows the maximum difficulties in this world Cup, wearing the elements in the so-called “Code de Pointage” for the name “Biles”.

Especially the novelty on the ground is sensational. Because many experts believed that a woman could do gymnastics the “Triple-Double” never. To the 22-year-old Texan showed him this summer at the US Championships in Kansas City. “And I felt pretty safe,” she says, “I’m excited to show him here.” Whether in qualifying or in the Finals, does not reveal Biles in advance.

“it makes you better than most men,”

in the story is to perpetuate more important than medals, so the turn is a miracle. “Title of offense, these elements remain.” And will probably turn as fast from any competitor downstream. “She makes things that I never would have thought that they are feasible,” says the 16-year-old American colleague, Sunisa Lee. “She makes you better than most men,” marvels U.S. head coach Tom Forster.

As a Superstar of the medals with 14 world Cup titles, four Olympic gold and now, after six years of dominance in gymnastics is long, will Biles be in spite of everything not called. The life of a superstar does not fit well in your world, in the she had, indeed, always easy.

As the daughter of a drug – and alcohol-addicted mother, Simone grew up with a sister Adria in the case of the grandparents. For years she was in the US Team needs sexually from a now convicted U.S. team doctor Larry Nassar, miss. And now, Simone’s brother, Tevin, who grew up with an aunt, was arrested last month on suspicion of murder.

Steingruber returns on big stage

A stroke of fate is of a different nature had to survive the Swiss flagship, Giulia Steingruber,. After a cruciate ligament rupture and three missed big occasions, the 25-year-old Gossauerin in Stuttgart is back on the big stage.

“The Team”, is the Motto of the five-times European champion in the jump, and be more of a fight. With a place among the first Twelve in Switzerland want to qualify for the Olympic games in Tokyo.

While this is a goal for the women’s Team is ambitious, the chances of our men very well. At the world Cup a year ago, the Team took to the high bar European champion Pascal Banerjee and Oliver Hegi 6. Place.