The allegations against Laszlo G.* (40) weigh heavy. The women’s head coach for the Regional performance centre of Eastern Switzerland (RLZO) should be presented to him at the time, 15-year-old gymnast sexually have passed (EYES reported).

On Tuesday, a Hungarian, was arrested on Friday officially detention arranged. This could possibly also drop off in front of the Background that G. in his home.

What exactly happened remains unclear. “I was sexually abused!”, leaves the victim via “St. Galler Tagblatt” said to describe without the Attacks, however, is more accurate.

“My daughter is incredibly courageous,”

VIEW goes in Wil SG, where the alleged Trainer and his victim live on the trail. “My daughter is incredibly brave,” says the mother of the 17-Year-old on the doorstep of the family. “It has taken a lot of Overcoming, this is the man show.”

No wonder: Laszlo G. it is a well-respected coach. Since he came a few years ago together with his wife in Switzerland, he stands in the reputation, to help turn talents to the leap to the national forefront.

“We have even collected donations so that our children could train with him,” says a parent of an even younger Junior gymnast. And adds: “Who could train with him, was to feel privileged.”

she helped him with the letters

write to the 17-year-old victim spent several hours per day, with the passionate Coach. What hardly anyone knows: The two also had to do outside of the gym together!

The alleged perpetrator and his victim are just in 100 meters walking distance away from each other – in the midst of an anonymous new neighborhood.

“My daughter was always with him. She helped him, for example, when Writing letters, because his English was still rough.” In this context, Laszlo G. apparently Ford is to be become.

Of dirty jokes he is said to have increased about being pawed and expressions of Love to the hands-on sexual abuse in front of around one and a half years.

no one wants to believe the victim!

The Problem: no one in the gym environment to trust the Hungary such Attacks! The the 17, gets-Year-old to feel themselves, as it is explained on the Friday before your Turn mates and their parents.

“The reactions were a shock. It is simply appalling that so many people of a young woman who takes all of your courage together, do not want to believe,” says the mother to VIEW. Instead, the present would have even called for evidence.

This should give: Laszlo G. should have sent the young woman via SMS and expressions of Love. “Your phone is up for evaluation at the police station. She has nothing to hide,” explains the mother of the teenager. The presumption of innocence applies.

*the Name has been changed