Guzeeva complained to the haters

From time to time someone from the star gets tired of the endless attacks on social networks and covers the possibility to comment their posts and photos.

This time the evil comments tired of Larisa Guzeeva.

Despite the fact that the actress with a sharp tongue and can Adbrite any insolent apparently, she was tired of reading all sorts of nastiness.

TV presenter has decided that it is time to relax a bit from the attacks of the enemies and shut down comments on instagram.

The star tried not to offend their loyal fans.

“Tell you why I closed comments: in recent years is the influx of haters, angry and smelly. Well, young freaks, all right — no one wants, and no it does not. What can they do? And adults aunts why? Go wash your mouths and dwelling! Well, my beloved subscribers, as always — happiness and joy!”, – she wrote in microblogging.

As previously reported, “the Rambler”, the 40-year-old women there are no options to marry. About the presenter Larissa Guzeeva said in the show “let’s get married!”, which she conducts on the First channel.

Publish from Larisa Guzeeva (@_larisa_guzeeva_) 10 APR 2020 4:06 PDT