He greeted visitors with the left Hand, the rights of the comedian Guy Landolt (55) senses. Located in the Zurich quarter Wipkingen, he lived for two years in a small, cosy three-room apartment. 800 Swiss francs is the cost of the rent, 3000 francs he receives monthly from the IV. “That’s not enough, that’s all I need.” Prefer he stays in the kitchen. His wooden table with the Computer. “I type with individual fingers. Everything that comes to my mind, otherwise I’ll forget it.” For the right-handed person Writing with the right Hand has become impossible. He shall, in accordance with a ball-point pen, it starts to tremble immediately. “Sometimes I’m angry at my right Hand,” he says. His signature, he writes with the left, that’s it.

His articulation ability is limited: “Today is a good day. Often I can speak, and almost no one realizes something, and then – like today – those I like a Drunk.” When walking, he limps slightly. He lives in the third floor without a Lift, doesn’t bother him, on the contrary. “Sometimes I can take three steps at a time, which puts me very much.” His current daily routine: Two hours he needs in the Morning to get to the gears, as he says. After the first Cup of coffee, he takes three and a half pills for blood thinning, and two more in the evening. Almost daily, he has therapies: Physio, Occupational, speech therapy. “This helps me to regain my memory, my cognitive and physical abilities as well as my language again.”

He suffered two strokes within 24 hours

The night on the Saturday the 23. July 2016 has changed Guy Landolt’s life. He woke up because he felt bad. “I was disoriented to the bathroom. My then Ex-girlfriend, who was sleeping in the guest room, woke up, saw me and immediately realized that something was wrong with me,” said the former member of the Comedy-Combo Trio of Eden. She called the emergency. “The Only thing I can remember is that two of the nurses came inside. Then I dipped. When I woke up, I was in the hospital.” The diagnosis, he quickly got: Guy Landolt suffered a stroke. The following day, a second, the language of the centre and the eye impaired. His life at the time consisted of his hospital room at Zurich University hospital and a wheelchair. “The Crazy thing is that a stroke hurts, and you don’t notice him.”

Guy Landolt learned that-Thinking

Landolt know describes his Situation at that time: “I felt like a vegetable. My brain no longer was able to classify the impressions that I saw, my eyes looked out of sync. I saw each Person twice, but not next to each other, but somewhere completely different. So I got an eyepatch.” After two and a half weeks in the hospital, he got four months in rehab. “The Craziest thing was that I learned to know Think. I castle in the evening, the eyes, had I the smallest idea of anything, not even a dream. Somehow I found it relaxing.”

Before Landolt was hit by the blow, he stood in the midst of life. As a permanent member of the ensemble, he slipped at “Ewigi Liebi” 600 Times in the costume of his father’s Guschti. He had long been non-Smoking, drank a maximum in the output. He lived in a large apartment in Zurich Altstetten, often went Cycling and loved the Hiking.

His new daily routine was to exercise the memory and to find his language. “With the nurses, I tried to solve crossword puzzles and put Memory cards. “It was initially bad. You were able to put a detect and back, and I didn’t know what it exactly was, it was Despair.” His long term memory was better than before. “I do not know what the curved, yellow fruit, means on the first kindergarten day was wearing, but how. The word banana came to me in the sense.”

With his fate he has at the beginning

struggled Initially, he had quarrelled with his fate. “Of course, you have to wonder, why me, what have I done wrong. I seem to cry at night, like me, the nurse said, not even I can remember,” says Guy Landolt. “Which is why it hits the one and the other not, no one can say exactly. I believe that it is important to accept the Situation and move on.”

The stroke of fate has him Landolt dear and grateful

does That Guy. He has written from his personal experiences, the Comedy program “quick-witted”. 30. In September, he will perform it in the Zurich Maag hall in front of 600 people. “My goal is, again, through my profession, I love to Fund my life and to be forever on the IV dependent.” Fear of a recurrence of stroke, he has not. “My Doctors say the possibility would be very low.” The Good that he draws from his fate, is, as he says: “He has made me kinder and more grateful. I was driven earlier success, I am happy today, if I can speak clearly.”

At a stroke, the brain is not sufficiently supplied with blood. According to the major regions of the brain lack of oxygen. Triggers can be a blood clot, a vascular or arterial calcification, a genetic pre-disposition, or a non-treated high blood pressure. Formerly, people suffered mainly from the 75. The age of a stroke. Since the turn of the Millennium, researchers noted that the patients are getting younger and younger. “Almost every fifth stroke patient, we are dealing with today, is under the age of 55,” says Roland Backhaus, the Medical Director of the Stroke Center at the Hirslanden clinic in Zurich.

also for people who do not smoke, enough to move and live healthy. The reasons why it can a person to make, are versatile. In rich countries, such as Switzerland, unbalanced diet increase, strong consumption of soft drinks and excessive sporting behavior in addition, the risk of stroke, which is enhanced by Smoking and alcohol consumption.

“the global increase in strokes is seen in younger people, which are, in turn, altered nutritional follow – up and life-style habits, in addition, environmental factors also play a role here,” says Backhaus. Obesity, environmental factors, insufficient Information and poor medical care, as it is often found in emerging countries, would increase the risk of stroke. Up to the year 2035 large international studies from an increase of 34 per cent for young.