In the ‘Forsidefruer’ has the last while been with a lot of problems and awkward moments caused by Amalie and Jannis much-publicized conflict. Fortunately, it is not the only one who fills.

There are also many bright spots and fun experiences, as fruerne share, and for the 37-year-old Gunnvør Virgarsdóttir it is quite clear what has been the best of the new season.

“It was our trip to Paris, as I was the sender, because I have lived in the city. Paris is my favorite city of all cities. I have always been very francophile and have come very much in France since I was little,” says Gunnvør to Realityportalen.

Gunnvør lived eight months in Paris, when she studied. But then she continued to visit the city often, as her sister lived there for eight years. That is why Paris has become her second hometown, and for the former model and tv star is the city filled with warm feelings and memories.

“It has probably also something with nostalgia to do, now that I’m older. It reminds me how about the early 20’s, which for me really was just a lovely time.”

the Status of drama

All fruerne appreciate travel, and because the conflict is still hanging as a shadow over the group, it was a good way to get new energy and better mood among fruerne.

“Paris is relatively close, and there were also many of the fruerne, who had not been in Paris. Therefore, it was just obvious. It is always great to be in a place with one who has been there before, so you not only see places with many tourists, “says Gunnvør.

And actually succeeded in it also for all the ladies to enjoy the beautiful capital city without the obstacles and misunderstandings on the road.

“I had the impression that it was a good trip, and there was a good atmosphere. I don’t remember any drama, but I was also quite high in Paris and was a little in my own world.”

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