You may wonder, that a discussion about raw fish can get so far. Perhaps ‘Forsidefruer’-the contestant give the answer.

Gunnvør is torvholder on the trip to Paris, where the mood is cheerful, and all ‘Forsidefruer’ enjoys the sweet life. But when the five strong women are in each other’s company, so, of course there can also arise some frictions.

It happens when fruerne settle down at a café and the talk goes on, what needs to be ordered. Amalie is not for oysters, or raw fish, but she likes sushi – because there are not always raw fish in sushi. It is Gunnvør much disagree with, since it is the only sushi if there is raw fish in.

“I can only speak for myself, but yes I’m definitely stubborn, too stubborn at times. In turn, I’m not afraid to admit when I have made a mistake. I can’t actually remember exactly what I said, but I have obviously said something wrong, and it is nice to be smarter,” says Gunnvør to Realityportalen. She continues:

“I think, however, it is regrettable that a small exchange of views on the definition of sushi is being blown so out of proportion. The discussion lasted maybe a minute out of a trip in four days, and there was so many other good things in Paris.”

In Gunnvørs memory, there are many other experiences in Paris, there is clear and overshadowing the discussion between her and Amalie. She has also previously expressed, why the city has a special significance for her.

“For example, we were all very keen to get Janni and Amalie on speaking again, and all in all it was a really good trip. But it just goes to show that it is the differences that give the program life. And so, it is a relatively harmless disagreement, if you ask me.”

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