Mark and Patricia McCloskey, now infamous for a video in which they’re seen brandishing firearms at Black Lives Matter supporters, were offered a free AR-15 by a local gun store, after their own was confiscated by police.

“This couple did what they needed to do to protect private property, as the property was being ambushed. I’ve seen videos, and some of these so-called protesters were carrying firearms, and they clearly broke the gate to make way on to the private property (A THREAT),” the owner of Alien Armory Tactical, in St. Charles, Missouri, posted on Facebook, asking followers to share his message so it reached the McCloskeys.

He went on to offer the couple not only a free AR-15, but free “tactical training” too.

In a follow-up post, he called the McCloskeys “great Americans” and said others in the firearms industry had contacted him to say they wanted to donate weapons and ammunition to the couple.

Following the June 28 video of the two sporting firearms outside their home in a gated community while Black Lives Matter protesters marched through the neighborhood, the McCloskys were served with a search warrant. On Friday, police confiscated the rifle Mark McCloskey was seen holding in the clip, which went viral. However, no criminal charges have so far been filed.

Patricia McCloskey has explained that she and her husband were motivated to come out of their house and show protesters they had weapons during the June incident after they were threatened. She added that, since then, they have felt obliged to hire private security to feel safe in their home. 

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