A socially distanced mall Santa brought politics to the job, bringing a little boy to tears by declaring that he wouldn’t deliver on the child’s request for a Nerf gun – or any other kind of toy gun, for that matter.

A video circulating on social media on Monday showed the boy meeting across a table with the Santa at an unidentified mall. When pressed for his wish list, the boy asked for a Nerf gun.

“No guns, nope, not even a Nerf gun,” the stern Santa said. The stunned boy looked to the side at his mother, then back across the table at Santa. “Nope,” Santa continued. “If your dad wants to get it for you that’s fine, but I can’t bring it to you.”

Liberal Santa sent a boy away in tears for…*checks notes*Saying no to Nerf guns.

The Santa then suggested other options, such as Legos or a bicycle, but the boy then began crying. His mother, who was holding a baby, came over from the side to comfort him. She assured him that he would still get a Nerf gun, but the boy cried on her shoulder for more than 20 seconds as the video ended.

Social media users were outraged, making up various derisive names for the anti-gun Mr. Claus, such as “Beta Claus,”“Commie Santa,”“SJW Santa” and “the real Grinch.” Some suggested that they would have decked Santa if he had done that to their child, while others said they would like to send a Nerf gun to the little boy whose wishes were crushed.

I would have made Liberal Santa cry.

Liberal Santa would have been crying if I was there or if this was my child. Can you not even put your agenda aside to keep the magic alive for a child?

Where can I send this kid a nerf gun??

Some observers tweeted that the “woke” Santa was not woke enough, such as one who pointed out that his alternative gift suggestions included cars and trucks, which “normalize the burning of fossil fuels that are destroying the planet. Cancel him.”

He’s not woke enough, he would bring the child cars and trucks which normalize the burning of fossil fuels that are destroying the planet………cancel him

Someone ought to take this sycophantic virtue signaler out back and deck his halls with boughs of holly.

Another sarcastic critic quipped that this Santa’s advice about Nerf guns should perhaps be heeded: “People, the choices he’s made have led him to being Santa at the mall. We should listen to this man’s wisdom.”

People…the choices he’s made have led him to being “Santa at the mall”.we should listen to this man’s wisdom. Nerf = ☠️

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