The Swiss Comedy scene is just neat on the roof. The protagonists: Stefan Büsser (34), Gülsha (34) and Lisa Christian (28). Dispute topic: Büssis new Podcast “quota men”. But after the series.

Comedian Stefan Büsser has Podcast a new SRF-Satire. In “quota men” discusses the SRF3-Moderator since 6. November, with the two Comedy writers Michael Schweizer and Aron heart of current issues. And already there is a barrage of criticism. On Instagram Gülsha Adilji writes: “I really don’t understand why mankind needs a further, all-male Podcast.” The back cover gets Gülsha of her colleague, Lisa Christian, the SRF and their own show – the “Comedy Talent Show”. You criticized, also on Instasgram, the Podcast name “quota men”: “Maybe this Podcast “quota men means Yes”, because the one who has posted the the the rate man is not always checked what is structural discrimination, and what this means. And why the Post is of Gülsha not a personal insult, but just a note on the structures which should be in 2019, almost 2020, God-damn-have changed me finally.”

The Stefan Büsser not sit up. On demand of VIEW, he stresses: “I guess Gülsha and Lisa, but can’t understand your criticism. Sometimes the best and most successful Podcasts in the SRF are produced by women and even our Comedy Podcast is headed by a woman and taken off.” And further: “Gülsha and Lisa reduce us to sex, which, by Definition, that is, while feminism is fighting for.”

No one will be forced to listen to the Podcast. “The total offer of the SRF-Podcasts I’ll take that as a extremely balanced true with regard to gender, Information and entertainment.”

Stefan Büsser shares against Lisa Christian

The Name “quota men” is also an ironic allusion to the for years, to be held at the end of the quota discussion. “We knew that three men be polarizing, so we have to do this with the Podcast title directly to the topic.” A deeper meaning you don’t need to look any further – but with the content of the Podcasts deal with. One side can’t resist the Comedian still slashing against Christ: “The of Lisa, a Christian, criticized “people in positions of power at the SRF, the to decide whom and what they want to push, and whom to give a Chance,” by the way, gives her own Comedy show on television.”

SRF has also implemented Podcasts of women

And what is the SRF says? Susanne Witty, head of field Podcast at SRF says to the criticism of the two women: “SRF has a number of Podcasts, by and with women in the offer, ( … ). The new SRF-Comedy-Podcast “quota men” is an original concept, and true in itself: it shows a man’s lap, as they are in real life.” But why was set to men instead of women? Funny to say, “men as well as women are not allowed to submit your Podcast concepts at any time, so that we can check. In this particular case, it was Stefan Büsser, Michael Schweizer and Aaron heart – three men – who had the idea for this Podcast and a relevant concept have been filed.” In other cases, various Podcasts were implemented, which were submitted by women.”

Gülsha has not commented so far on a VIEW-request for further discussion. (paf/bsn)