For the great comparison, we have looked at all the currently officially in Apple’s available iPhones. And besides the three new devices after all, there are three older. LOOK says, which is the best price-to-performance ratio, what are the old iPhones, an Upgrade is worthwhile and whether one needs the new iPhone 11 at all.

Who wants to buy a new model, here is the best price-performance ratio. And also in comparison to the Android competition, the iPhone 11 that can compete well. Recommended for all who own an iPhone 8 or older. With a X, XR, or XS an Upgrade is certainly not a Must.

the smallest of the three new iPhones with 5.8-inch Display scores at all, which the other models are too big. The surcharge, however, is already fierce, the differences of the XS from last year, not huge. Who must have the latest iPhone, but no big Screen want the attacks to 11 Pro. Compared to the normal 11, one gets for 400 francs, primarily, a better screen, and a third camera lens, on objects to zoom in.

The cheap iPhone Alternative out of the last year

The 6.5-inch biggest screen of all Apple phones, as well as the largest battery available in the Top model. These are the main reasons for the Pro Max. The difference in price to the iPhone 11 with 6.1-inch screen is already at least 500 Swiss francs. This is only worthwhile for people who place great value on the best camera and the best screen. The CHF 100 surcharge to its normal Per, however, are investing quite well, if you look at some Videos or movies on the iPhone or even otherwise, the significantly larger screen area can use.

last year’s model is sold and is about 100 CHF cheaper than the iPhone 11. Thanks to a long battery life and good single-camera, it offers a very good ratio of price and performance. In addition, it is expected that in the trade, the prices continue to fall, there are already offers for 669 Swiss francs. Although not the cheapest official Apple offer, but probably the best Alternative to the current iPhone 11. Similarly good, but cheaper.

Android Users will have to switch to little reasons

This model is already two years old, but remains more in the range. It saves in comparison to the iPhone 11 to at least 280 francs, which is not to be despised. However, you have to make in the Design, processor and camera significant compromises. Attractive the 8, but still, because it has only a 4.7-inch Screen, and therefore, smallest, and lightest iPhone that Apple is currently in the program. Also the traditional Home Button with a fingerprint Scanner may be an Argument for the iPhone 8. There is all newer models no longer.

The Home Button is the only Argument for the 8 Plus. Because in all other areas, the XR is superior. The 50 CHF fee will be money well invested for longer battery life, faster processor, better camera quality, sleeker Design and larger screen.

Android users have just a few reasons to switch. Clearly, Apple has big Strengths in the operating system that is perfectly matched to the devices and incredibly fast and efficient runs. Also in the processor of the iPhone advantages. But otherwise there are no innovations that you can’t find in Android flagships. And Samsung and Huawei also play with the camera quality in the same League. It gives the competition even Features that you wait for Apple to continue in vain, for about a second screen.