in The Morning in Barcelona, welcomes Gus desert man-to-lunch in Jeans and a t-Shirt-VIEW in his home in Zurich. It is not an exclusive address on Zurich’s gold coast or on the Zurichberg, as one might in an award-winning architect suggests. Desert man lives in a modern multi-family house, surrounded by older residential blocks and a school house with sports facility in Zurich-Albisrieden.

In the first floor of the building from the point of view of concrete CIS inhabited desert man is a Three-room apartment for about 1500 Swiss francs. In the same new building with four and a half – and Three-bedroom apartments also rent is rent, and families with children or a Single parent life.

The roof terrace is shared to celebrate or to Relax, the Laundry room, the nine parties share. The Strike of the Church bell is heard on the balcony, just like the children on the nearby Playground or the quengelnde small child in front of the house entrance. Here is lived, and desert man like the. “I live here is incredibly nice and happy”, says the architect and his view of the Uetliberg views.

another architecture award

his realized projects, is not uncommon. Exceptionally rather, there is a multi-award-winning architect, lives in one of its implemented objects for the home with a social mix in a little living room.

Cheap, and to create good-quality housing in Zurich – “a good architecture for all” – that was the setting of the I+B Bächi Foundation, Gus desert man Architects for this Building in Zürich-Albisrieden. Desert man and his Team have delivered and the langgrüt race, the burden of proof. You introduced this spring, with a further architecture award: Gold for “Best Architects”Award, which is now one of the most prestigious awards in Europe.

A man without airs and graces

The prices are for a desert man, not a reason to withdraw. As a star architect, as he is called in the media often wants to be mentioned the man with the distinctive facial features, was before his study of architecture as a Model, not at all. “Behind all of our Successes a whole Team is always,” he says. Modesty is not really true to the architects, a luxurious Lifestyle he maintains. Neither of his secondary residence in Barcelona, where he lives with his wife and two daughters in a converted apartment, and a further architecture office has, in Zurich, where he is a master with the bike on the road.

modesty is also shown when Entering his Zurich apartment. Nearly 30 square meters includes Zurich the living room. The two window fronts, make the room visually larger work. You can be completely open, so that the space like an open-air-has a living room and with the leafy surroundings.

Low-Budget apartments with 60 square meters of living area

The establishment of the architect is minimalist, as well as the reduced interior of the entire housing. Two green plants, between a lot of concrete and wood are the only splash of color in the desert’s living room, the sun only one and two black-and-white images of a created Residential property in Marbella. “Here I lümmle me in front of the TV and make myself comfortable.”

Additional Seating offers the opposite Bank, made of concrete directly on the wall with indirect lighting. Natural and artificial light sources are sometimes a significant factor in the Standard reduced-apartments provides a spacious living environment. The Transitions to the bathroom and the two bedrooms are also fluent in, what, in turn, contributes to the low total area of only 60 square meters of felt.

“It was a challenge, this multi-family home to create the Low-Budget apartments to, but it is possible,” explains desert man. Was saved in a multi-family house mainly in the living area, but not on quality. Reduction of the Individual to the Necessary and more for the community, and corresponds with the Zeitgeist of sustainability, especially in cities and their housing development. However, it is also the lived philosophy of desert man.

if you are asking yourself then when you Enter the open kitchen with the spruce fronts, where desert man cooks, because he searches in vain for a stove, you should let the clever solution to the guides in the frame of the Open House in Zurich by Gus desert man personally demonstrate. The architect then opens, like many others, its door to the Public and is available to answer questions.

For the fourth Time, the Open House Zürich

The architectural and urban experience Open House in Zurich will be held this year on the weekend of September 28. and 29. September for the fourth Time. Be offered visits and guided tours in over 100 buildings, selected buildings from all eras, due to their architectural and urban qualities are of particular interest.

Already on 19. September starts the framework programme Open House Plus. In addition to the inspections of over 100 buildings and outdoor spaces, the framework programme offers a series of events consisting of architectural talks, film screenings, presentations, Workshops and exhibitions.