Guests invited to the Sochi Park

nowadays the excursion appeared in the Sochi Park “Southern culture”. To take a fresh look at a unique collection of arboretum Park to offer professionals. New tour they called “antiviral”.

As told “Vesti Sochi” tour guides, the air in the Park is rich in phytoncides. This is an active substances which favorably influence the human immune system. Grow here and these natural antiseptics. This includes all conifers, eucalypts, cypresses, and sequoias. “Antiviral” walk experts want to offer tour companies in the resort city.

the Park “Southern culture” is one of the oldest places of rest under the open sky on the black sea coast. It was founded by General Daniil Drachevsky on the land, where his estate, in 1910. In the Park area of about 20 hectares, you can admire a rich collection of exotic plants from around the world.

Text: state television and radio company “Vesti Sochi”