Guest Moscow hostel put on a forced quarantine of all residents

hundreds of residents of the Moscow hostel was quarantined due to the fact that one of the guests ended up in hospital with suspected coronavirus. Staying at the hotel say that their stay there more like a prison. And call themselves prisoners do not even have hot meals.

Hostel on Aviamotornaya. The first floor of a residential building. Is it the hotel issued the call in social networks — alleged the premises were sealed, the food is running out. Survive as they can.

In the hostel tried to call the girl, recently arrived from Dubai. Checked the temperature — increased, was sent to the hospital with suspected coronavirus. All the guests signed the papers that voluntarily go into isolation. That’s just the neighbors say — promise not perform.

you want To cut the doors closed on 20 March. At the direction of the CPS. All premises are processed and disinfected. The hostel is now living about 30 people. Force no one holds, emphasized in the administration of the hotel. And cost over time isolation — and this is two weeks — to take too will not be.

the Products a customer has a fridge crammed. But all that is needed additionally, could buy and deliver the administrator. And, as confirmed by the tenants, clearly prepared regularly, and take out the trash, too.

the Property asks its guests to stay in isolation until 4 April. For your own peace of mind, and calmness of the housemates. Although suspected coronavirus in hospitalized girls and not confirmed. She has the common cold.