She looks a lot like her mom. That Leni Klum wants to start as a model is therefore no longer a surprise. Together with “Germany’s Next Topmodel” chief judge Heidi Klum, she has already appeared on the cover of German “Vogue” and “Harper’s Bazaar”. So there are no upper limits for the young model!

Even if Leni has now stepped out of the shadow of her famous mother and is advertising as the face of “Dior” in Germany, she will appear again on Thursday evening (May 19) alongside Heidi – and of all things as a guest juror on a large scale GNTM semifinals! This moment is more than emotional, especially for the 48-year-old, because when Heidi started the successful model show in 2006, Leni was still a baby.

In an interview with the “Bild” newspaper, Leni Klum made it clear what a great moment it is for her to appear as a guest judge alongside her mother: “I know how important the semifinals are. (…) I have accompanied my mum to the GNTM set all my life and suddenly I come to the set and my own name is on the chair.” Heidi Klum added very emotionally to “Bild”: “In season 1 I have Leni breastfed on set and 17 years later she’s sitting next to me in the semifinals. You can get sentimental about that. But first and foremost we enjoyed the week.”

At the same time, the 48-year-old made it clear how proud she is of her eldest daughter: “We have the same passion for this job. It’s nice to see how much Leni gets into it.” However, it is important for the 18-year-old to stand on her own two feet, as she explained in an interview with “Bild”: “We don’t compare ourselves to each other. Of course, my mother is a role model for me, but for many reasons happier than anyone other than my children has ever been before – it must be his fault!”

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