imagine, you would have to tear your child in the morning to watch from the bed, and in less than 15 seconds in the air-RAID shelter wear. And this would occur so often that your body moves in this Situation reflexively.

Since its inception, for today, 71 years ago, the state of Israel is forced to fight with one threat after the other. So last weekend, were awakened by the Israelis in the South of the land of sirens and the deafening noise of explosions. Hundreds of thousands have had to bring under massive bombardment in bunkers in safety. Between the 4. and the 6. May fired terrorists 690 rockets from the Gaza strip onto the Israeli civilian population. Behind the attacks, the Islamic Jihad and the Hamas.

Our air defense system was able, fortunately, to fend off 240 of the missiles. Nevertheless, the attacks by the Palestinian militants have demanded four deaths and over 250 injured. They were deliberately directed to civilian structures: houses, streets, a factory, and even a Kindergarten and a hospital have been taken. In the South of Israel, 210’000 children were not in school, since this was not due to safety reasons, closed – this is already the second Time this year.

in response, the Israeli army has bombed 350 military targets in the Gaza strip, including terror tunnels, rocket launch sites, command centers, weapons plants, and observation posts. The goal of this surgery is to prevent future attacks on the Israeli civilian population.

Hamas violence against its own people

Hamas rules Gaza with an iron fist. Their violence is directed against Israeli civilians, but also against the own population, the riots are brutally suppressed. It is part of the Routine of the terrorist group to store weapons in residential areas and are in need of its own population as a human shield. You will not invest in defense measures, such as an air-RAID shelter, let alone education and health, but only in assault weapons.

This shows how much the Hamas respects human life miss. So also the recent escalation, which had triggered a sniper Hamas by gunfire two Israeli soldiers on the border with Gaza. As the terrorist organization calling thousands of civilians to Protest against Israel, planned to you already that the events of violence, and brought the demonstrators knowingly in danger.

Israel longs for peace

The two Iranian-backed terrorist organizations Hamas and Islamic Jihad committed in the past, already been hundreds of attacks against the people of Israel and to follow the intention of Israel’s Islamic Caliphate to build. Since the violent Takeover of the Gaza strip from the Palestinian authority in 2007, Hamas has fired more than 12,000 rockets at Israel. Israel longs for the day that, according to the treaties with Egypt and Jordan, with its Palestinian neighbors, a peace is concluded. But as long as Hamas is fuelling continued conflict, rather than to their own people, will obscure the violence of the peace.

Like all people of the world deserve it, the people of Israel to live in security. And it is our task, the task of the Israeli government, to ensure that you do it. We welcome the statement by the FDFA from Monday, in which Switzerland strongly condemns the hundreds of rockets that were fired from the Gaza strip arbitrarily on populated areas of Israel.

Jacob Keidar (63), since in 2016, Israel’s Ambassador in Switzerland. Three times the father has more than 35 years in the diplomatic service. Earlier stations in Tokyo, Shanghai, Kenya and Uganda. Before he came to Bern, he was six years inspector General of the Israeli Ministry of foreign Affairs. Keidar is expected to remain until next year in Switzerland.