Warlord Putin is not concerned with the Donbass, he is concerned with restoring Russian power while at the same time weakening Western Europe. And anyone who wants to weaken Western Europe must first pull the plug on the EU’s economic powerhouse: Germany.

Everyone is always talking about the war in Ukraine. But this term is now tantamount to playing it down. Putin is waging a war against Western Europe, specifically against Germany. He is waging this war, like many warlords before him, at high risk, with all military, economic and human resources and without a plan B. He is, as Wall Street would say, fully invested: all in.

The aim of the war, which he never publicly formulated, is now clear: it’s not about the Donbass, it’s about restoring Russian power while at the same time weakening Western Europe. And if you really want to weaken Western Europe, then you don’t start in Greece, Malta or Portugal, but first you have to pull the plug on the economic powerhouse of the European Union: the Federal Republic.

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In line with this objective, Putin is by no means acting like a gambler. The rationality of the apparent irrationality consists in the fact that the war against the Federal Republic is being waged on five front sectors that are clearly separated from one another, so that the opponent of the war, i.e. we, suffer losses in any case.

Germany, which may play a role in this fixation, is the only Western country where Putin has lived for years as a KGB spy and whose language he speaks. As he reported in an interview shortly before the Crimea was occupied, he likes to watch German television, preferably the Maybrit Illner talk show.

Vladimir Putin has probably decided the partial mobilization past his highest military leaders. In Kyiv, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskyy calls on the Russians to stop their President Vladimir Putin. what happened in the night

In another illegal act, Putin recognized the occupied Ukrainian territories of Cherson and Zaporizhia as independent states. The Finnish government wants to close the border to Russian tourists. The Finnish government wants to close the border to Russian tourists. You can find all the latest news about the war in Ukraine in the ticker.

The Russian occupiers have announced the first results of the mock referendums. The Ukrainian President announces the “liberation” of the occupied territories. Now Turkish President Erogan wants to talk to Putin about it. All voices and developments on the Ukraine war in the ticker.

Front sector number 1: In Ukraine, it tests our readiness to go to war in a very fundamental way. He disturbs the peace of mind of the country of Gustav Stresemann, Carl von Ossietzky, Willy Brandt and Petra Kelly. He challenges a state in which non-violence became the secret business basis of society after 1945, despite the Bundeswehr and the retrofitting decision.

He is also canceling the peace dividend we were so looking forward to after the implosion of the Soviet Union. With his 100 billion upgrade program, Olaf Scholz is not the inventor of the “turn of the era”. The man in Moscow triggered the turning point. Scholz is your notary.

Front section number 2: Putin is depriving us of the cheap energy with which we have fueled Germany’s industrial export model for decades. The fact that the Federal Republic was able to maintain its high level of industrial activity despite high wages and a developed welfare state is mainly due to the country’s fossil energy base, which seemed to be secured at low prices in the German-Russian energy partnership.

With the withdrawal of this basic industrial energy, Putin is making economic conditions in Germany dance. Putin pushed our country into recession. The constant rise in energy prices is like a landmine, which many companies will blow up this winter.

Front section number 3: Where our state budget used to be, there is now a deep crater. Putin has bombed away the most important thing that differentiated this country from many of its neighbors, a sound financial constitution.

Through the shadow budgets that have sprung up since the attack on Ukraine, the government is trying to hide from us that we are in a huge debt mess. The fact that after spending 100 billion on rearmament, the coalition now has to spend another 200 billion on supporting the economy shows the magnitude of the damage done to us.

There is talk of a protective shield. This EUR 200 billion credit authorization, which was approved yesterday by the traffic light coalition, is basically nothing more than a war bond.

Front sector number 4: Putin allies with our most important Asian trading partner, the People’s Republic of China. Like a godfather, the new world power holds its protective hand over his warlike activities and helps him to take away the power of the western sanctions regime.

At the latest on this front section, the Federal Republic will run out of economic firepower. Because although we can clearly see that China has immediately closed the supply chains and technology cycles severed by the West for gas, oil and international payment transactions, we are unable to react. The China dependency of the automotive industry, chemical companies and mechanical and plant engineering is too great. Putin’s Chinese reinsurer works.

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Front section number 5: By weakening the Federal Republic of Germany, Putin is endangering the most important project of the post-war period, European unification. Solidarity within Europe is greatly weakened because the Federal Republic, with an inflation rate of ten percent and a significantly higher level of debt, has to fend for itself in times of recession.

Many of our European friends consider the Federal Republic to be a big ATM. But this ATM is gradually running empty. The display reads in red: Please select a smaller amount and speak to your bank advisor.

Conclusion: Germany only has a chance if Putin’s war is understood in its entirety. A war chancellor is wanted. So far, allotment gardeners have been seen.