Gryzlov called the formula of the prisoner exchange with Donbas

The Kiev delegation in the contact group for a long time hindered the adoption of the decision on the exchange with the DNR, said the Russian representative in the contact group on Donbass Boris Gryzlov.

“the Agreement was achieved only after the connection of the top level of the administration”, – TASS quoted the envoy of Russia.

According to him, Kyiv were transferred to Donetsk ten detained persons, in turn, Donetsk gave Kiev nine.

“In the framework of the exchange of the Kiev side was transferred to Donetsk held 10 persons, Donetsk gave Kiev the side of the nine detained persons”, – said Gryzlov.

Thursday began the process of exchange of prisoners between the self-proclaimed Donetsk national Republic and Kiev in the Donbass. The office of the Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky confirmed the exchange of prisoners. This is the first in 2020, the exchange of prisoners.

Before it was reported that the exchange of prisoners between Donetsk and Kiev to take place before the Easter holidays at the “10 by 8”. LNR and the Ukrainian side agreed to conduct an exchange of detainees by the formula “eight 11” by 17 April.