President Donald Trump has branded his home state a “hellhole,” after the Supreme Court ruled a Manhattan prosecutor can subpoena his financial records. To Trump, the decision was just another move in the “witch hunt” against him.

In a 7-2 ruling on Thursday, the court found that a subpoena issued to Trump’s accounting firm may be enforced, dismissing Trump’s legal team’s argument that the president is immune to criminal proceedings. The subpoena was issued by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, after allegations of ‘hush money’ payments to porn star Stormy Daniels surfaced in 2018.

Speaking to reporters later on Thursday, Trump let rip at the “purely political” case against him, which he branded a “witch hunt.”

“You know what’s going on in New York. Everyone is leaving, and it turned out to be a hellhole,” he said. “And they better do something about it because people are leaving New York.”

Trump’s ire was likely not restricted to the judicial authorities in New York. Mere hours before the court’s ruling, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio cordoned off a stretch of Fifth Avenue outside Trump Tower to paint a giant ‘Black Lives Matter’ mural on the street. De Blasio himself joined a squad of painters daubing the yellow letters outside Trump’s property.

Fascinatingly ineffective, first of its kind strategy in progress by Mayor DeBlasio: At the same time, he is both asking the President for a $7.4 BILLION bailout while also trolling the President by painting this mural in front of Trump Tower in NYC.

Trump suggested last month that New York’s police officers were “furious” at De Blasio’s stunt. As the mayor laid down the block letters, the New York Post reported that bypassers heckeld Hizzoner, calling him a “douchebag.”

The Supreme Court’s decision sends the issue of Trump’s tax returns back down to the Manhattan court. It is still unclear whether anyone but Vance’s grand jury will get to see the documents, or whether they will be procured before this November’s election. Democrats have pressed Trump for four years to release his records, but the president has thus far refused, alternately claiming that the files were “under audit,” or that his opponents were attempting to harass him.

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