escape from the Federal house! The MP went on Wednesday on their annual Schulreisli. In an election year, these trips are always an indicator, as it is to the party. The mood is good, is closed, so the group, in each case in the moist, cheerful Happening. Also Federal and local councillors to give then a tryst.

it’s a bad atmosphere, out to eat, many politicians after a few glasses before the night. Also, the choice of destination can have a choice for tactical reasons: Like to visit the parties so shortly before the ballot for their strongholds – such as the SVP of the Canton of Aargau or the CVP Luzern.

Finally, it’s being fought right now to every voice – already in four months, is billed. Surveys suggest that currently to shift in the direction of the Green and green liberal. Civil lose, however, on a broad Front. VIEW all seven parties in and power on the basis of five factors, the not representative of the fitness test.

SVP: the fight for votes instead of Celebration

More of the election campaign as an experience trip! The party made it out of the group excursion in the evening for the first time, a “SVP bi de Lüt” and met with the population of Zofingen, AG. To dine, instead of, as usual, in a pub in a closed society.

Sociable, as is always the case with the SVP. The mood was cheerful.

a year Ago in Geneva, many complained of eating too little to. This time, the pure opposite: a Sandwich in the Car, drink in the print shop Kromer in Lenzburg, AG, Aargau specialties on the lake hallwil, torch Spiess in Zofingen. Always beer and wine.

Only 1800 steps. “Run a little, eat a lot – met target,” says the organizer of the trip, national councillor Felix Müri (61).

Only about half of the group traveled with heavy weights such as Magdalena Martullo-Blocher (49) were conspicuous by their absence. Both the Federal councillors gave themselves up with Ueli Maurer (68), Guy Parmelin (58) is equal to a tryst.

SP schnödeten on GLP

Enjoyed the Laissez-faire in the Canton of Vaud. Trains, with the ship on the lake of Geneva gondolas and a half hour through the vineyards of Lavaux for a walk. A bit like a school trip in primary school. Only the firmer were organized.

Moderately. With Geschnöde on the green-liberal – or the “green asocial”. The weather and the landscape, but agreed.

The (late) drinks reception was okay, the dinner of the Hammer. A fine lamb fillet for the meat lovers, Tofu for Vegis – both with Quinoa. A Crème brûlée à la framboise rounded off the meal.

7579 steps! The SP presents itself to be fit for the election year. However, some came up the steep paths of the vineyards, high-arg sweat.

Well, Yes. The two Federal councillors Simonetta Sommaruga (59) and Alain Berset (47) were of the party. Also, the Vaud state councillor Rebecca Ruiz (37) left to look. Of the 54-member Federal house group, only a good 20 people were there.

FDP with unnecessary security”Check”

From the Valais, that was for the FDP. The document with the safety regulations that had to be in the train of each sign, let’s hope it’s a exciting day. What was it marvel, then, a couple of Screens in an empty shell of the Biotech group Lonza in Visp, VS. Too bad no one had swimming trunks this. Otherwise, the aperitif in the Hotel in Crans-Montana with swimming Pool would be, after all, become the experience.

The First nodded after a few minutes. That says enough, right?

According to the labbrigen Sandwich went up. Solid Four-course menu, with the Dessert, only to read. Hopp, hopp, driving Car!

Mental Fitness when you can Converse with other language party had to gschpändli. 2300 steps.

the members of The Karin Keller-Sutter (55) and Ignazio Cassis (58) were to look only at the drinks reception and pulled even before the Dessert again. Of the group, half of the desire to Wallis Reisli had just.

CVP looks in the stars

the school travel class: trains, boat trip on the lake, a Planetarium visit, and then quickly run through the traffic home.

Peacefully as the wide, wide space, through which the CVP group in the Planetarium flew faster than the Apollo 11 and the light to the moon.

No astronaut Food, but from star-dust, in the Form of Mozzarella-salad, pike-perch with Risotto and mint Panna cotta.

if you want to hunt, good for you – and also still can run. In this respect, the CVP is quite fit for the elections: you can stand on your trip, transport house, pretty much on the legs, but wide distances: 6068 steps.

Federal councillor Viola Amherd (57) made it just the night to eat. The 128 guests were striking well mixed. Present in many of the older CVP were grandees – former party President and the old MPs, but also judges, and Newcomer. The CVP is not only a family party, but a big family.

Green in winning mood

With a vegetarian Sandwich-armed the Greens travelled to Basel. There, they watched either rare plants or went on a tour of the city. The was heavy stuff: A homeless showed their perspective of Basel and told of their lives, with sexual abuse and exclusion – not a spectacle, for that depth.

The Greens are in the winning mood: the warning by your group presidents, Balthasar Glättli (47), to cups, to a victory that is yet, don’t spoil the mood.

Eco is also the night of trumps food: The Greens beat the bellies with a vegan menu full. The chickpeas with vegetables and Couscous are good, but also not more.

instead of the Motto of the trip: The Greens had to move a little, only a total of 3442 steps to go. After all, the Fitness App’s praises: “No Sofatag!”

When it comes to the presence, the Green pattern students: All members of the group were there, albeit some with delay. With celebrities, the Green can was missing, however, less points, national Council candidate Tamy Glauser (28), for instance.

GLP: dust, instead of the sun

From a boozy boat journey could dream of the green liberals only. In the gray reality, there was stone, heat and dust in a cement factory in the Bernese Jura. And, although party President Jürg Grossen, (49) actually wants more brains instead of concrete. All the same, The participants can now say to be at the same time through the longest private tunnel in Switzerland (2.2 kilometres) driven.

Cleaned up – no wonder: According to surveys, the GLP in the fall is one of the election winners. This self-consciousness was palpable.

meat? Fish? Or Vegi? As in politics: Not very decided, but something for everyone.

You can also make in a cement factory km: 5243 steps.

With the current or old Federal councillors can not come up with the GLP. The eight-member group was represented almost completely. Don’t the latest addition: The SP and leaking Zurich national councillor Daniel Frei (40) was.

BDP “high”, instead of in the High –

That former SVPler lead the group in a hemp indoor facility has something for themselves. It was exciting, the BDPler about CBD products informed. Old Federal councillor Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf (63) wondered why you’re not supposed to consume the Oil, if it tastes at all, and why something should not smoke, which makes even high, but the discussions were top.

Was really good. Either the party has denied recent surveys or you say to yourself: If we go under, then in a good mood.

The cattle on the lake was flawless. The views over the lake and the wine is phenomenal. The party should dive in the autumn, in fact, have the responsible to a great future in tourism.

Specifically fit the party is not revealed. Just three kilometers you put on foot. The occasion was all the more interesting.

the BDP Has a celebrity? Samuel Schmid (72)? Well. He was not there. But Widmer-Schlumpf. What you need active members, if you know you are in their ranks?