Parks the Moscow Department of culture once again invite citizens on trips outdoors. The participants can get into “man-made cave”, to see inhabited by the ancient Slavic tribes, and as the hunted Russian tsars. Free and paid tours are held at seven recreation areas. This is Izmailovsky Park, the Park landscape Park “Mitino”, parks “Kuzminki”, “Northern Tushino”, “Sokolniki” and the Museum-estate “Kuskovo”.

to Learn about the history of Izmaylovsky Park is on a sightseeing tours that will take place on 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29 August at 15:00. Visitors will stroll around the recreation area, and find out what was on the site of the Park before its founding. Also, participants will tell the story of surviving the equestrian complex, built in 1940-1960-ies. Will tour guide Ilya Smekalin. Admission free, without registration. All walks will start from the monument to Vladimir Lenin. It is in the Central part of the Park.

In Vorontsovsky Park in the near future will be three outings. About how appeared in the capital of the first nobility of the estate, will be available July 25. Guests arrive at 13:00 at the ensemble of the entrance. During the tour, called art Veronica Teletskoye will talk about the distinctive architectural features of estates of the XVIII century, and the emergence in Russia of the pseudo-Gothic style. Many of the structures in the Park built in it. Guests will see the ensemble of the entrance, the Church of the Holy Trinity, a greenhouse and ponds. Participation is free, pre-registration is required by phone: +7 (495) 580-26-78.

the Tour will take place in the Park on 2 August at 13:00. Her historian Mikhail Korobko tell me, what was a manor in the nineteenth century, as well as those people whose fate is closely connected with it. For example, on the brightest representatives of dynasties Repnin and Volkonsky. Participation is free, pre-registration is required by phone: +7 (495) 580-26-78.

Another informative walk through the Park will take place on August 22 at 12:00. Here you can find out what tree was called the tree of four cases, what species of wood represented Russia at the world Congress of foresters and a tree that is considered “popular”. Participation is free, registration by phone: +7 (495) 580-26-78.

the Park “Kuzminki” invites you on a tour of the former estate of the princes Golitsyn. It is dedicated to the history of architectural and household manor complex of XVIII–XIX centuries. During the walk, participants will see the Church, manor yard, buildings for serfs, stables, and find out why the estate’s heyday occurred in the 20-40-ies of the XIX century. Excursions from the tour guide Janna Davydova will be held July 25, 22, 23, 29 and 30 August at 11:00 and 13:00. Tickets can be purchased in the near future Ramapo the link.

the Museum-estate “Kuskovo” spend a few sightseeing tours for small groups. Maximum number of participants is five people.

for Example, during the tour you can get acquainted with the country residence of the Sheremetevs, and also to get into the Palace of Petr Borisovich Sheremetev, built in 1769-1775 years, and to see its rich interiors. Detailed information and tickets — the official website of the Museum-estate.

And on the tour, the guests will tell why the estate of the counts Sheremetev thought Versailles near Moscow, the purposes for which the Park was built various pavilions will show the most unusual of them — the “Grotto”. It is also called man-made cave. Guests will see the unique interior in the Gothic style, as well as “shell” decor. Detailed information about the tour and cost of tickets razmesheny the Park’s website.

to Sign up for the tour, “the Palace and Park of Kuskovo” and “Regular Park Kuskovo and pavilion “Grotto”” on the phone: + 7 (495) 375-31-31.

to Find out where is the only in the Moscow Church of Tikhon Zadonsky and how hunted by the Russian tsars and emperors during the excursion at the “Sokolniki”. Also while walking through the alleys of the recreation area visitors will tell you when Peter the great organized the may celebrations in the Park, which became the most popular Moscow holiday. The nearest tour will be held July 26 at 14:30. Detailed information about the walk and the price of the tickets is available here.

And, on 9 August at 14:30 the guests of the recreation area will find educational walk “Park of the Soviet period”. Participants will tells how in 1931, the “Sokolniki” was transformed into a Park of culture and recreation of a new type, where the village of pioneer and the student and parachute tower. Detailed information and ticket prices — click here.

tours of the Museum of the history of the Navy proposes to visit the Park “Northern Tushino”. The most popular exhibit of the Museum — the diesel submarine B-396 “Novosibirsk Komsomolets”. A guided tour visitors will walk through the upper deck, get acquainted with technical devices located at fore and aft parts of the submarine, and learn many interesting facts about the rescue buoy, periscopes and antennas. Tours are conducted regularly. Information on times and ticket prices presented on the site Moorpark.

nature Lovers should to go on a trip. Zoologist Ilya Hairnow for example, the flora of the rest area will tell you how to sheets to distinguish plants from each other, why do insects pollinate flowers, and also show which animals live on the territory of the landscape Park “Mitino”. The tour will be held July 25. For children from seven to 13 years, the walk will begin at 12:00, and for adults — at 14:30. Ticket information can be found on the parks official website.

And to unravel the mysteries of ancient Slavic tribes that lived on the territory�� landscape Park “Mitino” more than two thousand years ago, everyone will be able on trips. It will take place on 1 August at 14:30. During the informative walk guests will learn how settled our ancestors and why they chose as a place of residence is the territory of the Mitino district. In addition, participants will show fragments Volotskoi roads that existed 700 years ago. Tickets — the official website of the Park.

Detailed information about all tour programs parks can be found on the websites of the following recreational areas:

— Kuzminki;
— “Northern Tushino”;
— landscape Park “Mitino”;
— the Park;
— Izmaylovskiy Park;
— “Sokolniki”;
— the Museum-estate “Kuskovo”.

June 1, the city’s parks, Department of culture, opened for walking. From June 16 rest areas available for visitors to the summer veranda. Also resumed its work non-stationary retail outlets where you can buy ice cream and soft drinks, and on June 23 began working as a sports equipment rental.

1 July 20 green zones have resumed the project “Yoga in the parks”. Program of free classes is designed so that the participants could parabolicheskie practices and choose the most suitable.

in addition, 23 recreations offers free regular exercise in the fresh air. The training program includes the fitness areas, such as aerobics and stretching, and unusual. This, for example, dance fitness, and Boxing. To join the class can all, regardless of level of training.

In 10 parks conduct dance lessons. Waltz, to tango, to master the movement rousing Zumba citizens can the free lessons. Some workshops advance registration is required.

the territory of green zones continue to operate preventive restrictions. Visitors must have personal protective equipment and to comply with social distance.