Ken hunter is different than other Swiss talents. While most go the way of America’s prestigious Junior leagues (OHL, WHL and QMJHL), the Grisons 2018 a different way.

He dares to take the jump from HC Davos in a professional League in Sweden. “As I learn my way through bite, a other Hockey-style, and learn every day a lot of New things.”

Skorer at Västerviks

this year’s season opener could be for the robust and technically strong striker better. In Sweden’s second highest League, the 21-Year-old Bay in ten Games, three goals, delivering five Assists and has more points than the season before.

everything is not running around after his Sweden-exchange first of all. First of all he tried in the highest League, Rögle BK. Since he is not there but, it goes to Västervik. He takes a step back to make two forward. At the new place he is biting, playing in the premieres of the season strong, even if points are still scarce. Since this season klappts Grisons is now in order.

Dean Kukan, the consultant has also brought hunters to Sweden, and Kevin Fiala the young Grisons pre. Both of you played at a young age in Sweden, and now in the NHL. The Swiss NHL-Cracks are the main reason for the Sweden-exchange, says hunter.

the Swedish’s, however, already quite well: “a few weeks Ago I was able to take my first Interviews in Swedish give. Now I try, as much as it is to speak Swedish.”

the contract runs from

the Canton of The Grisons takes day-to-day. “I’m trying, each day the Maximum out and work hard every day. Then we see where me the results. My goal of the SHL is already.” His new contract with Västeriks runs until the end of the season 2019/20.