The population of the village of Brienz, which lies on a sun terrace in the albula valley at 1100 meters above sea level, was informed on Friday evening about the latest developments in the slip area. The Central-graubünden village with barely a hundred inhabitants, is situated on a cone, since the memory of man in movement.

These movements intensified in the last few years, from 30 to 50 and 70 inches annually. Meanwhile, the measurement points move in the village up to a Meter per year. The slides of the entire village already cause damage to buildings and wires, which can be in most cases repaired.

But not only the background of the village moves. Also, the entire slope on the North side above is unstable. The measurement points at the edge of a rock slide of more than four meters per year down.

A possible escalation of the Situation, according to experts suddenly, but rather over several weeks or months. Nevertheless, the municipality of Albula belongs to the Brienz has taken precautionary preparations for a possible evacuation of the village and Parts of the neighboring places Vazerol, Surava and Tiefencastel.

Because from the hillside above the village of sporadic boulders crash, and meadows, as well as the road to Lenzerheide compromise, do not enter the territory since September 2018. The Surveillance with modern technical AIDS will continue. You should make it possible to warn the population early on, should exacerbate the situation.