babies who die shortly after birth. Most people think probably the First thing to developing countries and to poor hygienic conditions, lack of medical care and extreme poverty. But also in Germany, infant mortality is still an issue. Even if it is for two decades on the decline.

on average, die in Germany per 1000 live births to 3.3 children in the first year of life. Berlin-according to the latest Figures, an average of 2.7 babies, Neukölln in the most recently published birth statistics for the districts in 2013 to 5.6 infants per 1000 live births. More recent Figures for the individual city districts of Berlin.

But why is it that in Neukölln, so a disproportionately high number of infants die? For some time the debate about it boils again and again. Fueled primarily by a controversial statement by the CDU in the city Council for youth and health, and Deputy mayor in Neukölln, Falko Liecke: He called as one of many possible reasons, the “accumulation of inter-family marriages” in the district of Neukölln.

The facts

in fact, the topic is complex and the facts are thin. Sure is according to the neukölln of health report “The health situation of people with a migration background” that the infant mortality rate is this district is almost twice as high as the Berlin average, and even a rising trend. There is a similar development for the stillbirth.

As the newspaper “FAS” reported, was also from a response of the Berlin Senate on a CDU request that half of the deceased infants survived their first week to die at a very early stage.

What we don’t

know, however, There is no information about what exactly they died. The statistics can also be open to what the families of the dead babies come from. Therefore, it is difficult to fathom the causes.

Lieckes statement approach in this sense is problematic for various reasons. Because no information about the number of marriages between very close Relatives in Neukölln exist. On the other hand many experts consider the link of this topic with the infant mortality rate is wrong. Although there is evidence that children from such partnerships in several rare hereditary diseases occur more frequently. Whether babies died in Neukölln, actually, but is entirely unclear.

factor in the social situation and migration background

The health report says the infant mortality rate in Neukölln: “It can be assumed that the high proportion of young immigrant families and the large population status contributes proportion of people with a low socio-economic to this large discrepancy with the other districts. Here, the district unites Neukölln, two important risk factors, however, do not meet these, in order to explain the high infant mortality sufficiently.“

women with a migration background participated in the cutting of rare and later to a Pregnant screening, or a birth preparation course. Possible hurdles in the process, barriers, and difficulties with Orientation in the German health system of the language.

According to the “FAS” observe Doctors in the district, moreover, that Muslim women would pregnancy refuse abortions, in principle. Even if an Embryo is not viable, will he held – which could also be related with the increased mortality rate, which captures the live-born infants, but not the number of abortions.

The population structure, however, cannot be the sole reason, because it is in the center of Berlin very similar – and there to die, much less infants.

factor poor medical care situation

the city Council Falko Liecke in his health report that there is a “generally increasing medical care provided to expectant mothers in Neukölln”. The district documents in Berlin in the case of the specialist groups of women, doctors and children’s doctors of the last rank. Liecke urges more Doctors, as well as a municipal medical center with medical care and a counselling centre for its district.

Reinhard Bartetzky, children and youth doctor in Neukölln and country Chairman of his professional Association, sees the shortage of Doctors, however, not more than a partial aspect for the increased infant mortality. "The doctors ratio is abysmal. This has an impact, and Yes, that needs to be improved. But, no, therefore, no children will die. You can’t say so” – quoted him as saying “RBB-24”.

According to the “Berliner Kurier” was informed by the doctor that there was in Neukölln, a few women doctors, right next door in Tempelhof-Schöneberg would be but an above-average supply.

factor in preterm births

“The death causes in infants are very broad. The biggest risk of preterm birth. Today we bring children into the world that would not previously have been viable,” says Patrick Larscheid, Chief Medical Director of the health office of Reinickendorf, in an Interview with the “daily mirror”.

In Neukölln with the birth centre at the Vivantes hospital in Neukölln, a nationwide Early – and high-risk births, specialized hospital. Extreme preterm births, the signs of life show, there are counted as live births. This could drive the statistics of infant mortality, in addition to the height.

The next steps

to die The mysterious Baby now. The city Council Liecke has a scientific evaluation of the Berlin infant death certificates since 2016 causes. This is also the cause of death of the babies should be clarified. With the results of the investigation, however, is expected at the earliest next year. The Vivantes Klinikum Neukölln would like to draw his deaths a closer look.

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