Grigory Rodchenkov began to make excuses for their signatures

the Signature is electronic, but genuine. The international Olympic Committee finally gave an explanation of the key documents of the case of the Russian biathletes Olga Zaitseva, Yana Romanova and Olga Vilukhina.

the protection of the athletes had been given a fragment of a new document from Gregory Rodchenkov. But as it turned out, and this paper many questions.

the IOC admits that he Rodchenkov his hand had not signed any of the key documents, but allegedly agreed to provide an electronic signature.

This position is at odds with the findings of the handwriting experts, who believe that even the electronic signature in only two of the nine documents, and others signed by another person.

In this case, the court of arbitration for Sport may decide to withdraw the testimony from the case. The verdict in Lausanne can announce in a few weeks.