Olympic champion Donghua Li loses in a tragic way, his one and only son, the seven-year-old Janis. Legendary Swiss athletes wish Li now a lot of strength.

“The worst of All! If someone dies in your environment, it is tragic. You survive your own child – I do not like to think. Everything what has been achieved by Donghua in his great career, stands in the shadow of this hard fate of shock, has zero importance. Terrible!”

“just awful! I can feel what Donghua is going through. My sister lost her 4-year-old son to a genetic disease. Such a calamity is hardly to cope with. And it is contrary to nature, that parents have to bury their children.”

“It’s crazy, and to hear shocking that Donghuas small son has lost due to cancer, his life. I can imagine as a parent, almost nothing worse and wishes of the family from the bottom of my heart my sincere condolences and much strength.”

“losing A child is the worst tragedy of all. I don’t know how you can with such a loss deal with it. I wish Donghua Li quite a lot of strength in this terrible time.”

“should have to die, No child from the parents. Donghua Li is going through terrible. I wish him an infinite amount of force.”

“it’s Incredible what is happened to Donghua Li, this is the worst thing you can make. With 7 years, you have experienced with your child so much already, saw it the first steps it has made, how it adores you as a dad. And then this young life is on a blow over. Cruel.”