On the portal “Online.Bibliovore” July 4, will open a new section called “Writers-anniversaries — 2020”. It will be dedicated to domestic and foreign classics whose anniversaries birthday celebrated this year, said Natalia Sergunina, Deputy Mayor of Moscow.

“visitors to the site can read biographies and selected works of the classics — Chekhov, Pasternak, Tvardovsky, Sholokhov, and others. Even in the section will appear, audio, and video with stories about the writers and read excerpts from their books,” said

for Example, you can listen to the lecture about the life of Italian poet and thinker Dante Alighieri. It will read the head of the library No. 183 name of Dante Alighieri Edward lyushin. Also on the portal will lay out a unique archival record. It Mikhail Sholokhov reads an excerpt of his novel “the Quiet don”.

“Interestingly, in honor of the anniversaries this year, except for Ivan Bunin and Athanasius FET, called libraries, which store a lot of interesting and sometimes unique information about writers and poets,” — said the press service of the Moscow Department for the development of the cultural centers of the Department of culture.

it specified that the first section will be information about the nine authors whose anniversaries this year have already noted and whose anniversaries will be celebrated here. This is Alexander Griboyedov (January 15 was 225 years from the day of birth), Anton Chekhov (29 January — 160 years from the birthday), Boris Pasternak (February 10 — 130 years from the birthday), Vsevolod Ivanov (February 24 — 125 years since birth), Mikhail Sholokhov (may 24 — 115 years from the day of birth), Dante Alighieri (end of may — 755 years from the date of birth), Aleksandr Tvardovsky (June 21 — 110 years from the birthday), Antoine de Saint-exupéry (June 29 — 120 years from the birthday) and Lev Kassil (July 10, -115 years from the date of birth).

From the biographical materials you can learn about the main events in the life of writers, about what, under what aliases they did, some of them linked with Moscow. Also, users will discover little-known facts about the classics. For example, Vsevolod Ivanov worked in the circus fakir, Mikhail Sholokhov became the first Russian writer who received the degree honorary doctor of laws, St. Andrews University in Scotland. And Alexander Tvardovsky every year kept the family tradition: he gave his wife Maria Illarionovna a birthday bouquet of white lilacs.

Also in the section will lay out the recommendations of the five best works of each author and links to free reading or listening to these books. Thus, the user can access the story by Anton Chekhov “Man in a case”, a novel by Antoine de Saint-exupéry “Night flight”, a poem by Dante Alighieri “divine Comedy”, an autobiographical novel by Lev Kassil “Conduit and Shvambraniya” and many other works. And fans to��but will offer a list of film adaptations of works of each writer.

the New section of the portal “Online.Bibliovore” will restock at the end of each month, information about the authors, whose anniversary will be held next month. In late July, the site visitors will tell about Alexander Green (August 23 — 140 years) and Yuri Trifonov (28 Aug — 95 years). In August it will be possible to get acquainted with the life and work of Alexander Kuprin (7 September — 150 years), and in September — Sergei Yesenin (October 3 — 125 years) and Ivan Bunin (22 October — 150 years). In October there will be information about Edward Agricom (November 3 — 125 years), Alexander Blok (November 28 — 140 years) and Konstantin Simonov (28 November — 105 years), in November — about Athanasius FET (5 December — 200 years).

the Portal “Online.Bibliovore” created by the Moscow Directorate for development of cultural centres of the Department of culture. It was launched in April of this year. There are free content libraries and cultural centers. On the website you can see plays, concerts, lectures, and also participate in master classes for adults and children. In addition, the project introduces citizens with collections of Moscow and Russian libraries.

On the portal “Online. Bibliovore” is a menu where you can choose one of four sections of interest: “Electronic resources,” “Book recommendations”, “Videos”, “Online activity”.