In gruyères, FR, occurred on Sunday near the Saussivue street, a tragic sports accident. At about 12.30 p.m., a message about a crashed parachutist, the cantonal police of Fribourg.

The Canton of Vaud (33) was jumpers with a group of about 15 other parachute with the aircraft in Epagny FR for a parachute jump-started. On landing, it came to Drama.

parachutists landing hard

hurt From as yet unexplained reasons, the 33-Year-old banged in the landing so hard on the ground that he has been injured and is now in mortal danger hovers, as the cantonal police in Freiburg telling. The other parachutists were not injured.

The 33-Year-old, however, had to be flown with a Rega helicopter to the hospital. The relevant circumstances of the accident were recorded. (rad)