Gref told Putin about hunting and

Last year was very successful, a good profit, said German Gref. According to Russian standards – 860 billion rubles of net profit according to international standards the results summarized later. In January 2020, net profit amounted to 80 billion rubles. This is the result of extensive work with the cost reduction and the introduction of new technologies, said the head of Sberbank.

“the year – on-Year increase, too, right?” – asked the President. The source cited a figure of 14 per cent. “And this despite the fact that today the credit portfolio of legal persons either not growing or growing very little”, – he added. Given the ruble fell about half a percent. But for individuals portfolio is growing well – over the past year by 18.5 percent. “We are investing now in efforts of creating new services for legal entities,” – said Gref.

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Over the past year has managed to improve asset quality, the situation of overdue debt and to reduce the cost of risk. Three million last year has increased the number of individuals. And every second young man is a customer of the savings Bank. “This is a very serious shift, because we used to be a Bank for some older generations, now comes to us young people,” he said.

Gref told about the “credit factory” in the past year have started to issue loans to legal entities according to the standard product in seven minutes. “This is a huge breakthrough, because before it took months,” he said. Now about 20 percent of the loans for small and medium businesses are given automatically in seven minutes. “We want to increase this share to about 80-90 percent, and generally up to 2023, we believe that 100 percent of thecomrade,” said the head of Sberbank. Already 98 percent of people receive loans on the basis of automatic solutions and 70 percent – a figure to which the Bank is committed by legal entities. “30% of transactions will remain difficult where still human involvement is necessary”, – said Gref. Entrepreneurs, by the way, is available now in the app select the term of the loan and do not need to go anywhere, stand in queues to communicate with bankers. In an extreme case, have a chat.

“We finished making our platform, and our platform was very high quality. We believe that the quality is not inferior to most modern platforms today there are companies Microsoft, Google, Amazon or Alibaba”, – said Gref. “Created a subsidiary company Sbercard, which is now able to provide its services in our cloud, with our cyber security and our platform virtually unlimited number of customers,” he said.

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a joint venture with the city of Moscow, and the first service – issue of a hunting card was tested on the new platform. While all services are made for Moscow will be free for other regions. “The issuance of hunting licenses not included in direct functional responsibilities of banking institutions”, – said the President. What Gref said that tickets Bank does not issue, and provides “whole instrument” for the government of Moscow. There’s a joint venture is the owner of the Moscow “clouds”. “The challenge of technological and methodological: we help employees of the municipality who are engaged in it, to build a suitable process,” he said.

This ultra modern platform, the second such in the countrytons, said the head of Sberbank. And it saves a lot of billion years. On its basis in 15 schools have already piloted the school platform, it was decided to create it and to the institutions and – probably – for medical institutions. “That is the Foundation on which to build anything. Of course, we will not create the services for medicine, for health care and so on. Our part – engineering, we will provide the “cloud”, we will provide all the tools and methodological support. All the rest they will do themselves with the help of our engineers,” said the speaker.

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“I understand that what you offer to do your foreign partners, you actually made yourself,” said the President. “This is the result of six years of investment. We have 23 thousand engineers worked to create a platform,” – said the source. We cannot allow due to geopolitical risks, “we have disconnected from the services,” he explained. The new platform is flexible, more reliable and allows to create services within two weeks. And microservice platform is not connected to each other and if one service fails, then the rest of the platform is completely independent.

“We are currently testing together with the government, because the government is characterized by all the same signs that the banking business: reliability, security, price and speed of – said Gref. In this sense, we are the only Foundation for the construction of any building. And that Foundation is ready, he’s Russian, he’s very modern.” “We have established a factory for the training of people who work on this platform”, – he added. “This, of course, ultra-modern factory,” said the head of Sberbank.