Greeting to the NATO fighter from the MiG 31 in the air caught on video

MOSCOW, April 19/ Radio Sputnik. The pilot of the Russian MiG-31 showed on the video meeting with F-16 fighter in the sky.

the Recording appeared on the YouTube channel Fighterbomber. The footage shows how Russian fighter jets approached the plane, NATO and welcomed the pilot.

the Russian MiG-31 on the video is accompanied by strategic bomber Tu-95MS. When it happened, this action is not specified.

the MiG-31 is a Russian supersonic fourth generation fighter, designed to intercept and destroy airborne targets in all weather conditions, capable of speeds up to 2500 km/h.

F-16 American multi-role fighter of the fourth generation. Its maximum speed – 2120 km/h.

In early March, radio Sputnik reported that the aircraft Britain’s Royal air force escorted Russian Tu-142.

Radio Sputnik is the most quoted radio station in Russia. Be with us in the Telegram and Yandex.Zen.