work is underway to open day-care centres and schools in Nuuk, informs the chairman of the Greenland home rule.

working on a plan to open up day care centers and schools in the capital, Nuuk.

It says the chairman of the Greenland government of greenland, Siumut-president Kim Kielsen, during a press conference on Monday. It writes the Sermitsiaq.AG.

the Plan for the reopening is because there is detected some new cases of people infected with coronavirus since the end of march in either Nuuk or in the rest of Greenland.

It informs landslæge Henrik L. Hansen at the press conference.

– There is calm to. We have tested over 900 persons, and has not seen any new cases of the disease Covid-19. We have used easter to see how the persons who have been infected were infected, he says, according to Sermitsiaq.AG.

– We believe that there is no local contamination. We are confident.

Therefore, work is underway now towards a re-opening of Nuuk, informs Kim Kielsen.

– If we do not see new cases of hiv in Nuuk, so we will gently open schools in a week’s time. Nuuk will get the same recommendations as the rest of the coast, as the sounds of up to 100 people, he says.

work is being done to keep schools open so that students can go to school in staggered hours, as is done in other schools in the rest of the coast.

at the same time, is also working on the Nuuk Centre, which has been closed to limit the spread of infection, can reopen.

– We are working on easing on the Nuuk Center. We are working on åbningsplan of the centre in the morning and will present instructions on Wednesday, says Kim Kielsen, according to Sermitsiaq.AG.

the Shopping center brands itself on its website to be “all of Greenland’s meeting place”. But when it reopens, it should be only to act in, stresses Kim Kielsen.

– We still need to keep distance in the stores. Nuuk Center will not be used as a residence, we are buying into, but do not hold us inside there, ” he says.

In Greenland is a total of 11 people have been confirmed infected with the coronavirus, write the medium and the CNTS. All is declared healthy again.