Greenland has decided to sell water from melting due to global warming glaciers

Greenland is going to sell melt water from glaciers, said the Minister of energy Take the Swann. In his opinion, it is possible to make good money. Over the last 20 years melted away nearly 4 billion tons of ice. Greenland has issued 16 licenses for the production and sale of melt water. The island authorities expect the demand in overseas markets, reports channel “Russia 24”.

Minister of industry and energy Greenland Yess Svane spoke about studies that have shown how pure melt water and what are its reserves. He noted that global warming is one of the causes of water scarcity in the world. With this unique resource, Greenland will be able to go with him to the global market.

the diversification of the economy by, for example, trading water will help Greenland to be more independent from Denmark, said Swann. For that Greenland intends to actively develop tourism.

Greenland part of the Danish Kingdom, since 2009 the territory has the right of broad autonomy. But all questions of foreign and security policy of the island remain in Copenhagen.

The largest concentration of glaciers at the North-Western coast of the island of Greenland stretches for 1.2 thousand kilometers from the Northern border of the sea of Mandela and to the southern tip of the Islands of the Canadian Arctic archipelago. Reserves of perennial Arctic ice off the coast of Greenland, according to climatologists, are reduced almost two times faster than sea ice in other Arctic regions. There are at least two sites where the ice thickness decrease since 1979 and a half meters.