On Friday went on strike climate activist Greta Thunberg (16) in front of the White house. She did what she does every week. The man, in turn, its headquarters is located there, did something he rarely does: He ignored the open Protest.

This can be a Swede, no matter. You don’t want to speak in terms of the protection of the environment anyway with Donald Trump (73), that had clear prior to their Crossing with a sail boat in the USA. Waste of time, stated Thunberg.

Thun Berg’s allies sit long in almost all the major institutions, governments and parliaments – or are on the way. Your topic of climate protection, captured under the term ‘ Green New Deal the political Agenda worldwide. Everywhere there are now Green New Dealmaker.

Von der Leyen, Warren and Ardern, the new green Dealmaker

At the EU-level, the Dutchman Frans Timmermans (58) takes care of starting in November, as Vice-head of the European Commission responsible to a “European Green Deal”. So it has set to him by his future Boss, Ursula von der Leyen (60), the soon to be most powerful Person in Brussels, on the Agenda. You want an EU climate agreement within a period of 100 days.

In the USA has written to presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren (70), which according to polls is currently the most promising Trump a competitor, a Green New Deal on the Flag. You made the leap into the Oval Office, she wants to bind on the very first day a decree that the promotion of fossil fuels immediately.

is new Zealand. Here, the advanced Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern (39) stated in April 2018 for Oil and Gas. The affected workers in the Taranaki Region, where most of the soil are dormant treasures of the country, murmured. But Ardern revealed personally its Plan for structural change: A “centre for clean energy”, in the new jobs and business ideas to arise.

The Green New Deal cards, the economy

The concepts are different, but behind it is a political idea: Our future prosperity and the climate is first and foremost protection are inextricably linked. It needs a fresh start. A climate-neutral industry, which produces Oil, Gas and coal. And as many of the new Jobs created in the economy is properly stimulated. While the US President boasts of as a shrewd Dealmaker, leading politicians and so on the largest Deal of the century.

The United Nations published after the financial crisis, under the title of “Global Green New Deal” policy proposals for action to revive the economy and make it sustainable. It jumped up, only the green parties.

The Greta-is for Angela Merkel to

, Europe’s Green wanted to fight in their election program in 2009 “A Green New Deal for Europe” the economic, climate and food crisis, as well as ecological responsibility and social justice prevail. The Greens in Switzerland, agreed shortly thereafter on a Green New Deal to create jobs and the economy, location should strengthen. In the race for the White house to the ultra-left Senator Bernie Sanders (78), it was first, the Green New Deal an election issue auserkor. In February, the progressive members of Congress, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (29) presented a request for the implementation of a Green New deal.

That has managed to get the idea from the left-green bubble, which is also thanks to Greta Thunberg to. German Chancellor Angela Merkel (65), for her unerring political instinct known, has been discovered two years before her planned political end as the climate Chancellor back. In the first session of the Bundestag after the summer break, she spoke with passion and with concrete proposals for an Innovation and a social market economy-oriented climate protection. You power forward, is the largest Dealmaker in the end, not in Brussels or Washington, but in Berlin.