politics is sometimes mere mathematics. Then, when it comes time to optimize connections List the voters ‘ potential and to benefit from the vote for an allied party. This is also true for the national Council elections on may 20. October.

Particularly colorful, it thereby drive the green liberals. When it comes to possible seat gains, knows the center party hardly any fear of contact and includes all sides of the alliances.

Great the middle of-Alliance in nine cantons

the party leadership has set actually, as widely as possible with the other centrist parties CVP, BDP and EVP team – in order to strengthen the political centre. In nine cantons, it has worked with the big middle Alliance. So for example in Zurich, Bern, St. Gallen, Fribourg, Solothurn and Basel-land. In Basel-city, the Alliance will be expanded even by the FDP and the LDP.

In other cantons, it is enough, but only to a small mid-Alliance. In Aargau and Neuchatel, GLP teamed up with the CVP, in Geneva, just with the EPP. The GLP was in the Canton of Vaud, four years ago is still part of a big middle Alliance, the the single welschen GLP-representative Isabelle Chevalley (47) secured to the seat in front of it remains external to the unit and makes Not of the pirate party is a common thing.

In the Canton of Ticino, the GLP together with the CVP and the FDP in the boat. In the Canton of Valais, in turn, they marched together with the FDP and could this help in order to a second seat. In train, however, the green liberals choose this time to go it alone – and is expected to allow the FDP to the seat cost, which had helped four years ago with a List for her victory.

green-left climate-Alliance

But not only with the Civil power, the GLP common thing. In three cantons, it has turned to the left-and-green-warehouse – in order to score points under the Label “Klima-Allianz”. In the Canton of Thurgau, for example, where the GLP win a seat could. Similarly, as early as 2015 – in Graubünden and Lucerne.

For GLP-chief Jürg Large (50) are these of the middle doctrine differing alliances is not a fundamental Problem. “The final decision always lies with the cantonal parties,” he says to VIEW. The three covenants dilute your profile and GLP to the stirrup holder to the Left, does not believe Big. “On the contrary, we are optimistic that we can win the seats. In addition, we have not a civil, but a progressive, green, liberal profile.”

However, the Grisons Alliance provides the other center parties for frown. Because the GLP could be, of all things, the Savior of the SVP-seat of the entrepreneur Magdalena Martullo-Blocher (50). The second SVP seat in Grisons is in the balance. The FDP, CVP and BDP have joined together to capture the loose seat. With the GLP in the boat that would have worked in any case. Now it could be a close one.

Without SVP

What is striking, however: Not a single Time by the green liberals with the SVP get into the Lotter bed. Just after the controversial worm-poster of the right-wing party not the GLP uncomfortable discussions – in contrast to the FDP, which goes together in several cantons, the SVP.

“I’m glad we have alliances with parties that are closer to us,” says Large. If the SVP have the feeling that their voters were on the worm-damaged Apples, should you advertise so. Yourself, you preferred to rely on positive messages. “We want to take a course in a climate-neutral, open, and innovative Switzerland.”

But the Berner acknowledges that even in a list of connections with the SVP: “The SVP is for us mathematically uninteresting.”

seat gains, thanks to the connections List

it is Clear, just a small party such as the GLP is in need of skillful alliances. So you owed in 2011, half of their twelve national Council of list seats connections.

A similar Coup could succeed once again. The big shows at least satisfied with the current situation and optimistic that his party will increase significantly. “The goal of at least seven percent of voters share, ten seats in the national Assembly and the re-entry into the Council of States”, so Large are.

opportunities for additional national Council seats, he locates approximately in the cantons of Thurgau, St. Gallen, Graubünden, Luzern and Zurich, where 2015 seats flutes went. In addition to this the state he hopes to have the new seat gains in Basel-city and Geneva.