Green Cross Switzerland advertises in the search for donors with the seal of approval of Zewo, the Central office for charitable organizations. Now the environmental organization threatens to lose the seal, after the Hiding of the major financial problems became known.

“based on our assessment of the situation, it is clear that we will carry out an early special examination in order to clarify whether Green Cross Switzerland complies with the Zewo Standards, and the quality can keep a seal,” says Zewo-business Manager, Martina Ziegerer, on demand, from VIEWS.

Creative accounting

The charity, which campaigns for the disarmament of nuclear and chemical weapons, as well as for the victims of nuclear contamination, there is a million hole in the Fund. The Board of Trustees, President, and interim General Manager of the Green Cross, Martin Bäumle, was this at the latest since October known.

The organization of capital was by the end of 2017, to be negative and I be as in the annual report identified five millions of francs, wrote Bäumle last October in a Mail. In addition, “it was no longer Green Cross Switzerland, are able to short-term liabilities”, the financial overseer of the town of dübendorf ZH and GLP-national Council. The E-Mail made yesterday in the “observer” publication and is available to the VIEW.

for the First time clearly in the Mail also, why Bäumle, last August, by the long-time business Manager Nathalie Gysi (48) separated. The financial Situation of the Green Cross had long been significantly less stable than reported, and he suppose that the Director had become in their Reporting very creative in order to maintain the facade, he writes.

Not the first Concealment

striking: Gysis disposal was also under the Radar of the Public, as VIEWS reported. According to the information of the “Tages-Anzeiger” has initiated the Zurich public Prosecutor’s office III for economic crimes, in the meantime, criminal proceedings against the Ex-managing Director and also against Bäumle.

Apparently, the secrecy program. In an e-Mail to members of Green Cross International this past September, the VIEW, writes Bäumle. “We want to prevent any negative exposure, especially in the media, as this would lead to a decrease of donations and patrons’ contributions.”

luck chain-in-chief and the Board of Trustees refers to Bäumle

donors Green Cross Switzerland had about the financial problems until now, in the dark. They have also received in the current year, the usual Deposit with donation certificates call. Also on the Website of the organization, there is no new information and the “wrong” annual report to 2017 is switched on, as if nothing had happened.

Bäumle want to inform you this afternoon about the Situation. The big question is whether he has inaugurated at least the other Trustees about the financial difficulties, he left in the Morning, unanswered. Also, the Director of the happiness chain, Tony Burgener, who joined only last June to the Board of Trustees, did not want to say LOOK, if he was informed, and also about a year and a half with stories has to weigh.

According to Burgener Bäumle will answer all open questions, including those about his role in the Board of Trustees.

Gorbachev had in 2017, enough

Bäumle in February 2017, also interim President of Green Cross International in Geneva. At that time, the then President, the Vice-President and Green Cross founder Mikhail Gorbachev (88) resigned after a dispute over the contributions of the Swiss section. Bäumle took over and promised that the office no later than the fall of 2017, again to make – up today, he has not done that.

The Update in the afternoon, according to the Information of Bäumle you can read here.