Cinemas are closing, theater is on hiatus for an indefinite time, and even the Tivoli gardens has postponed the park’s traditional opening.

And also for several apartments, which is behind both the Green Concert and familiefavoritten Circus During the coming throughout the country, is coronavirussen a challenge, which is to take and feel.

“Absolutely, in principle, we follow the situation closely, and have initially spent the time to ensure our work can continue according to the authorities’ announcements and recommendations. We have both the Green Concert and the Circus bottom line, and we will assess the possibilities continuously,” says Theis Petersen, who is head of fundraising drive with several apartments.

the Spread of coronaviruses has led to the cancellation of the cancellation, but if you are sitting at home with a ticket to either Green Concert or a Circus bottom line, there is so far nothing to fear.

“Our assessment is right now that we are running on 110 percent as planned, but it is a very unpredictable landscape, we find ourselves in, so things change all the time,” says Theis Petersen.

He believes it is currently too early to talk about the cancellations of both the Circus bottom line, which is set to premiere the 24. June, and the Green Concert, which starts in copenhagen on the 16. July.

He acknowledged, however, that if the current situation continues, then one will reach to a point where it becomes critical to settle.

“If we come to the 1. June, and Denmark is still shut down, so are we late, if we are to achieve it all, but right now, we operate with the different scenarios, we can adjust our planning and execution,” says indsamlingschefen.

He explains that the work with risk analyses and have beredsskabsplaner adapted to particularly difficult situations.

it Would end so wrong, that the Green Concert and the Circus During the come in a situation where you must cancel, then it will not, however, mean a final goodbye to the two institutions in the Danish summer entertainment programme.

“If it should happen that we would cancel, so exists the Green Concert and the Circus During the also subsequent, but it has big implications for several apartments, who gets the profits from the two events,” says Theis Petersen and stresses that several apartments luckily have a healthy economy.

Green concert player from 16. 26. July, while the Circus During the play from the 24. June to 5. august.