In Greece, off the coast of Alonissos, opened the world’s first underwater Museum of sunken ships called the “Parthenon of shipwrecks”. It presents the amphora from the sunken Greek ship, lying at a depth of 20 meters.

the third of August to the second of October, the shipwreck Museum will open for visits by certified divers-lovers, and those who do not know how to dive, can access the virtual exhibition in the information centre of the Island, reports AFP. The ship was carrying thousands of wine amphorae from Attica to the island of Skopelos. Presumably, it sank during a storm around the year 425 BC. It found Greek fisherman in 1985.

According to experts, it was a pretty impressive vehicle for its time. The shipwreck of almost all the amphorae, including the unique rarities of ancient Greece, was damaged, but was restored by the specialists. The Greek authorities plan to open four more such Museum of lost ships, which will attract more foreigners and to Supplement the budget of the tourism industry badly affected during a pandemic.