Greek Ministry of environment and energy launched the campaign “Greece without plastic, disposable”. The official start of the action was given by the head of the Ministry of Kostis Hatzidakis, who, along with volunteers came to the beach Shinya for garbage collection.

According to him, the refusal relates to the nine types of plastic products, among them food containers, cups and plates, cotton swabs, disposable Cutlery, straws for drinks, RIA Novosti reported. On behalf of the Prime Minister, in a month Greece will include in the bill the relevant EU Directive for its introduction from July 2021. In the public sector, the removal of disposable plastic starts six months earlier – in January.

In Greece plan to encourage recycling of plastic bottles of water and drinks. For them will be the payment of a few cents, and every citizen who gets them, gets the money back. According to the authorities, the market has enough time to get rid of the accumulated disposable plastic, and to prepare for new environmentally friendly alternatives.

every year in Europe, collecting more than 26 million tons of plastic waste, which is recycled less than a third. According to the EU, 85% of marine debris is plastic. Scientists say that in the world’s oceans each year falls between 4.8 and 12.7 million tonnes of plastic.