The reemergence of a buzzword-laden speech by Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has social media users scrambling to look up the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset,” previously dismissed by some as mere conspiracy theory.

An excerpt of a recent Trudeau speech posted on Sunday has forced some to rethink their skepticism over the ‘Great Reset,’ long pooh-poohed as a conspiracy theory despite being the title of an actual manifesto for worldwide social change written by Klaus Schwab, the director of the World Economic Forum. 

Justin Trudeau calling the coronavirus pandemic an opportunity for a reset as per the WEF, and parroting the ‘build back better’ line which Biden just so happened to use as a campaign slogan.Must all be a coincidence and not at all

Promising a ‘reset’ is in the works, Trudeau expanded on the enigmatic ‘Build Back Better’ slogan that has surfaced on the lips of politicians and NGOs worldwide. Initially broadcast in late September, the speech saw him pledge $400 million to global humanitarian aid projects.

Building back better means giving support to the most vulnerable while maintaining our momentum on reaching the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the [Sustainable Development Goals],” the PM said, referencing the UN’s Agenda 2030, another bête noire of conspiracy researchers who believe it represents the blueprint for global totalitarian government.  

“The Great Reset” is now reaching peak-level at Google Trends.

Apparently thrown off balance by the Great Reset being a “real thing,” viewers rushed to look it up, sending searches for the term soaring on Google.

Self-styled Great Reset ‘experts’ took the opportunity to share their conclusions with the curious…

Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum (part of the United Nations network) says the Fourth Industrial Revolution (part of the Great Reset agenda) will “lead to a fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity”simply put, this means globally enforced transhumanism

Schwab knows: 1. Neoliberalism is ‘done’ because the parasitic Ponzi scheme is collapsing2. Unless the ‘parasites’ crack down they’ll lose control 3. ‘The Great Reset’ is the plan for the final overthrow of democracyBut he talks about ‘trust’, because that’s what deceivers do

…while others merely opted to denounce the program.

We will stop the great reset

Raise your hand if you are against the great reset/Agenda 2030.

While some believe Covid-19 was deliberately unleashed to usher in the Great Reset, others think the WEF and the ruling classes have merely seized on the pandemic as the perfect opportunity to impose their plan on populations unlikely to embrace it if they had a choice.

Many were cautious about diving down the Reset rabbit hole while acknowledging that an unusually large number of world leaders and NGO directors were speaking in similar terms. US president-elect Joe Biden’s campaign slogan was “Build Back Better,” while UK PM Boris Johnson announced months ago that his country would use the coronavirus as an opportunity to “build back better.” 

Macron and Merkel also said something along the same lines

Once you recognise the language of The Great Reset, it is shocking to see how much of the plan is already out in the open.It’s in books, TIME magazine, websites, social media, advertising, news and repeated by govt’s worldwide.

Even faced with the words coming from Trudeau’s mouth, however, not everyone was convinced Trudeau’s speech represented something sinister. 

Oooh! A conspiracy.

I see “The Great Reset” conspiracy about Covid-19 is trending again.Always love it when the same crowd who tell us politicians are incredibly incompetent and useless simultaneously believe they all came togther to brilliantly execute a global masterplan.Happy Monday everyone!

In the text of his “Great Reset” book, Schwab calls for global leaders to seize the opportunity presented by the Covid-19 pandemic to remake society in their image and declares the world will “never” return to normal – even though the disease itself does not “pose a new existential threat” to humanity. 

Trudeau, Biden, Johnson, and other powerful figures like the UK’s Prince Charles have lent their support to the program in recent months, declaring the Covid-19 pandemic represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reimagine society.

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