Vitaly Woolf to us has brought from the Silver age. He even krassilova, as Vertinsky. And, as Vertinsky, barely tolerated contemporary routine with its primitive rudeness of manners and Striptease shower of little interest.

the Lower half of his life he spent among everyday banality. A large half – circle of legends and myths in the world of the ideal and dreams. There he was his own. He was good there. There is something to admire. Admire – it is a natural need. He intentionally did not notice the spots on the suns. Knows what they are, but not noticed – such a mental setting. Great women of the past – Cold Faith, Maria Babanova, Alla Tarasova, angelina Stepanova, Olga Androvskaya, Valentin Serov, Lyubov Orlova… Eyes languishing, bending hands, fate, Packed in elegant toilets. These toilets can be alter out of old dresses, but they are still exquisite.

And knights. Knights of the theatre, poetry or music, dance or martial arts. But surely the knights. They might have a weakness – drink, throw favorite, to withdraw into themselves, to suffer from a misunderstanding. But in all this there was the distinct aroma of an ideal. If it was not ideal, it should come up.

wolf to this world lasted since childhood, and a very long time were not allowed there. Baku guy in cold Moscow, a student who was denied from graduate school “in the fifth paragraph”, the lawyer without a job, the devoted audience of the Moscow art Theater, “makovtse”, “Vakhtangov” and “Contemporary”, lived on a removable corners, save on everything to buy tickets and programs, which later became theatre history. Went to work in a mysterious Institute of international labor movement, where he wrote about the youth riots in the West, and then for him, there is created the theatre sector. But his real work was invisible to others: he was a collector of meetings, impressions and fleeting sensations of theatrical performances, roles, triumphs and failures. It got stuck and accumulated, not finding the application and exit.

carried away and professionally engaged in the American theatre, began to translate Tennessee Williams, playwright actually opening up the Russian public. He was seconded to the USA where he gave lectures on Chekhov, Russian drama. He returned convinced that the world of the theatre, apparently, all grew out of the Russian theatre in General and of the Stanislavsky system in particular. And, while acknowledging the stunning masters of the Western scene, always gave preference to the Russian drama school – she was the first, she is the best, the only one.

He was lucky to accumulate these an experience to treasure in the years when on the stage were doing the individual level Ephraim, Ulanova, Grigorovich, the great Mat of the elderly. He saw the giants were trying to adjust to the party environment, played primitive texts approved Sofronova or Micah��the Cove, but saw them in moments of the highest takeoff in the masterpieces of Chekhov, Tolstoy, Arbuzov, Rozov. He thoroughly knew birth directorial insight, when the great play and great performance every moment and feed each other, with each other resonate, and pretend to be the most magical, inexplicable way. He knew how easily a touch of mediocrity makes great play of in an awkward hack, but a brilliant actor – in a failed debutant.

And all this he suffered, as if there is nothing more important. Immersed in these without fate so thoroughly to their perceiving that they have become part of his own being. And he easily could trigger a memory about what, when and under what circumstances, said Stepanov Erdman felt excommunicated from the theater, aging, abandoned beautiful Serova, as tragically ugly split of the Moscow art theatre… he was fascinated by “twists of fate” – he saw in them the litter from which poems grow. Date of the smallest, in the historical scale, events, and actions, he spilled lighter than we are using the multiplication table. Bottomless vault of his memory was so systematized that put him in a dead end was impossible, for any question about the history of the theater answered instantly and accurately.

This is some inhuman amount of work that Vitaly wolf easily pulled as if between the main cases absorbed the whole world of artistic, directorial, artistic lives, each in his interpretation, could turn into the most fascinating of plays. Tense, with intrigue, with an unpredictable plot – but not invented, but taken from life.

However, check out Wolfe with documents in the hands of the few who came to mind. He wore a world is not a documentary, and artistic, there was its own logic, its laws, and reality for that the art world is just a breeding ground. To break this romantic veil, woven in love with a person, means the fate of undress, humiliate, and then we would not be a work of art, which has always been an oral story Vitaly Wolfe and predatory, greedy for juicy details essay from a tabloid.

Wolfe also knew the value of spice. He could lift the veil on the intimate. But never went further than could go a gentleman. It had a clear sense of the boundaries of the permissible. His story is always the art of the highest ethical performance.

But these stories began later. They generally started later when people already bring the first results, Vitaly Woolf was finally given the opportunity to fulfil their potential. Saw in him the unique talent that is not immediately notice because of its rarity. Look Vladislav Leaves – and realized that before him the continuer of traditions of great storytellers of the level of Heraclius And��drenikova or Dmitry Zhuravlev. Master oral masterpiece. The person who will gather at screens audience of millions just sitting in a chair and slowly remembering something at a glance, elite – masses is in principle uninteresting. But it will listen.

So there was a “Silver ball” – it is clear, by analogy with the Silver age, in which lived the second “I” of Wolff. And on the TV came this century with its sophistication. With other rhythms (“to stop, look…”), with its alluring names artistic cafes and Parisian mansions, with its old-fashioned style of speech and unwillingness to stoop to what is called modernity. From there, it is as if the empty space in the center, only the figure of the narrator, suddenly sounded a long-silenced voices bubbled long otherwsie passion of life past and present have come full circle as if there was no gap between them – generational, ideological, world Outlook.

And it became evident how shallow the time. How close the eyes of genius, as everything becomes permissible, as are all embarking on a very cheap sale. This topic was one of the leading wolf in the programs, in interviews, in books. He was constantly talking about the decline of theater, film, acting, critical thinking. It may sound a grumbling person who does not want to part with the values of his youth. It was outwardly unemotional statement of inexorable fact. But this statement was doubly uncomfortable in the world of opinionated dropouts, who already hold positions and to learn followers, ignorant and therefore stupid.

I think millions of viewers gathered at became the hated “boxes” per hour “Silver ball” because Vitaly Woolf has given them the opportunity to emerge from the sewage and to catch his breath.

On the screen it was safely inaccessible. He talked with you – you he listened. Without emotion. Philosophical mind. Invariably a sympathetic tone towards the fate in question. It was good to listen to.

And only those who knew him on the screen, felt his explosive temper. Faced with ignorance, mental slovenliness, lack of professionalism, he was brought instantly. His rage was terrible. It was strong and kicking on the spot. She exuded poison. It seemed that rocked the foundations. But he knew how to love their characters and those who are admitted to friendship with you. He could admire the personality and talent. Was able to come to the rescue without being asked. In fact, love is the main theme. Any story on the screen or on the book page – a Declaration of love to the talent and personality. He had favorite friends and favorite enemies. When he wrote about his indignant criticism, certainly added to the adjective “talented” – I balanced immediate objective. Was given to understand stumbled but you have chance. When his loyal friendship with the beloved theatre was cracking, separation of yesterday’s favorite was full of pathos and bitterness. It is very close to my heart took the twists and nuances of the complex relationship within the artistic community. These details was his fate, his life in art.

the Theater was his main thing. The movie remains in cans, literature lives in the library and painting in the galleries. Theatre short-lived and quickly die. From great performances remain only the mean line isn’t always fair reviews. One of the most astounding skills of Vitaly Wolfe to return for a moment living breathing play, once vosplamenenie room. He described the play the miser with words, but in tone it was such a delight and such a reverence that you implicitly believe in the magnitude of the artistic phenomenon. And watched the wolf as a man who saw himself a deity.

How he achieved this, nobody knows. It is clear that he could not talk to Vera Cold and hardly observed near Vivien Leigh. But even casually mentioning them in conversation, he accurately called the year, when the Cold played “Shut up, sadness, shut up”, and Lee captivated the world with his Blanche from “Streetcar named Desire. Casually designated parts, which could know only Cold and Wolfe, Lee, and Wolfe. It was textured and authentically. And even if it is fiction, you bathed in tears.

His “Silver ball” went on the First channel, but it soon appeared there to the court. He was called on channel “Russia”, and there began to appear in a new guise, “My silver sphere”.

He was for many years, when he was appointed chief editor of radio “Culture”. He never held official posts and childishly happy: this is my first office! And with youthful energy was given to the arrangement of the radio channel, which in the circle model a Russian radio station seemed like an oasis of taste and mind. Then he was called on TV channel “Culture” – and there he became one of the leaders, not throwing the brainchild of radio. As he was already seriously ill, he managed to perform all the arduous duties of the editors of the two channels, and thus to appear in his television program, recorded for radio and writing books, is a mystery, the key of which possess only an extraordinarily hard-working people.

All this wealth of the soul, of knowledge, of living effective, reliable ideals had with us recently. Today, none of this no more. The fate of Vitaly Woolf entered into a number of legends about which he told us so enthusiastically told. Millions of TV viewers no longer wait for your favorite program that is on our TV was like a Swan among the ducklings end crap.

there are memory books, which will retain only a faint reflection of the light that was lit for us by this man.