Great comeback America: trump addressed the nation

How to crush, that it is impossible to crush for more than a year, Donald trump in the coming hours to discuss with invited to the White house a President-pretender of Guido. Him never recognized in Venezuela and now is not particularly want the U.S. Congress, trump, ibid., in Congress promised: “Maduro is broken”. But to a visitor from Venezuela understood everything correctly, added: “the US simply put things in order in your hemisphere.” Guido, however, saw with my own eyes and the way trump deals with the internal enemy.

to make his third address to the nation, Donald trump skipped forward first lady, and he entered the Capitol building as a hero.

“Great return of America” — so defined the main topic speakers. Shaking hands with supporters, trump went to the rostrum of the lower chamber, where speaker Nancy Pelosi in the same room a month and a half ago, announced his impeachment. Now all in white, in response to the enjoyed her speech she tried to reach the President of the United States arm. He turned away with a straight face.

the Awkward smile of the speaker only amplifies the dramatic depth inter-division. In the end Pelosi vengeful tear your copy of the report. When the applause will ring very loudly.

Powerlessness — that is the explanation for the almost childish resentment. Despite six months of “carpet bombing” of the Democrats, the ranking of trump at the maximum. Putting it all experienced Pelosi walked out of a match with trump the winner. Not out per se, even from the audience.

— Madam speaker, why you broke it trump?

It was the most polite move, given existing alternatives.

But the first and then began the Democrats: an especially radical announced a boycott of Trump.

“We are not part of the reality show, we are the United States of America. We humans are affected by everything trump does and says, and what does not”, — said Tlaib.

a Separate group seated those who seNate is now making his early resignation.

Those few who were acquainted with speech trump said the word “impeachment” in her was found, but also out of the equation to keep it, of course, was impossible. Today here in the Senate, the final vote. All the chances that trump will justify.

Special attention — the Lodge guests of honor. Since Reagan those who gathered there, you can accurately determine what will speak to the President of the United States. Among those invited this time, and the brother of the murdered illegal immigrant residents of California, and even the Venezuelan President is an impostor of Guido, which in Caracas is still no good. The widow and son of the deceased in Iraq, Sergeant Haigh called again to justify the lawless attack on Iranian General Soleimani.

“Soleimani was the ruthless butcher of the Iranian people, a monster who killed thousands of people. That is why a month ago under my leadership, the US military struck a perfectly accurate shot, which Soleimani was liquidated,” — said in his speech, the us President.

the Republicans in the audience chanted “four More years!” Breaking all the traditions directly during his speech, trump announces that awards Presidential medal of Freedom (the highest award of the USA) is a popular conservative broadcaster rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh cancer in the fourth stage.

Limbaugh love Tarnowskie voters. They are calculated, and the spectacular arrival in the room of Sergeant Williams, who serves on the middle East and which, thanks to Trump tonight was with family. Those who will come and vote, promised other wonders: the next 500 miles of the wall on the border with Mexico, a speedy victory on AIDS, the US flag on Mars and the landing of the first American on the moon.

“Whoever opposed the trump, he should be ready to play at the highest level. He will have to show all that capable. Because trump was just warming up”, — tawlaet former head of the national Committee of the Republican party Michael steel.

But Democrats seem overstrained: the Caucus in Iowa ended in a failure. With the calculation results barely managed to trunovskom performance.

Considered by hand. In the end, a leader with almost 27 percent support broke Pete Buttidzhich. Moderate Joe Biden couldn’t hold on even for three.

“Official results of the Caucus come from Iowa. Better late than never. The results are not yet conclusive but, given the current data, we can said that we are leaders,” said Pete Buttidzhich.

the Reason for the scandalous delay was the poor quality app for smartphones. Ironically, a system that “fell” almost to the day, was created by former supporters of Hillary Clinton from “shadow ink”. But instead of blaming themselves, the Democrats have moved again those who are without a team willing to take the “Russian trace”.

“We have repeatedly said that our adversaries: Russia, China, Iran and other States will use social networks to undermine the confidence of the Americans to our voting system,” — said democratic Senator from Virginia mark Warner.

the Next test for Democrats will be primaries in new Hampshire. The second round of selection among the candidates in the candidates in exactly one week.