– It is completely overwhelming how kind and giverglade people are. I had never in my wildest imagination thought that there would be such a response, and we are so grateful to all who contribute.

It tells the Hans Fredrik Olsen to NRK. He started a splice – a collection of the grid to support his brother, Jon Martin Olsen, after he lost his roommate Iselin who was pregnant.

It was Namdalsavisa who first publicized the case.

A pregnant woman in the 20’s and the unborn child died unexpectedly

One day after spleisen started, it has progressed into over 260.000 nok.

– Words are poor

– In such a situation are the words of the poor. The thought of how he would get the forward did that many wanted to contribute. Therefore, I created such a reverse share split, says Hans Fredrik Olsen, and adds:

– They had just built at the house to welcome the new little baby.

It was Saturday 21. march the Iselin from Marøya in Outer Namdal died suddenly and unexpectedly at the Hospital Namsos. She was pregnant in the sixth month, but was in the hospital for other reasons.

In the spleisen writes Hans Fredrik:

“Saturday was the existence of our dear Jon Martin abruptly changed from familielykke to the worst grief one can imagine. Girlfriend Iselin with little Oskar in the stomach was suddenly and brutally torn out of his life. Jon Martin lost his girlfriend and boyfriend, little Klara, his mom, and u. r. his bonus mom. We as immediate family wishes with this spleisen to contribute to that economy shall be John Martin’s last concern in this unimaginably tragic situasjonen️.”

MANY WANT to HELP: Jon Martin Olsen lost both her and their unborn child. Many are now giving help to the alenefaren through a reverse share split as his brother has created.

Photo: Screenshot / Splice.now the Death is being investigated

Police have launched an investigation after the unexpected death.

– We make surveys to determine the sequence of events and make clear what treatment the deceased received, ” says politiadvokat in Trøndelag police district, Malin Borg.

– We are in an initial phase, and has limited information yet. We will conduct the questioning of health care professionals who have been involved in the treatment, ” says Borg.

Politiadvokaten confirms that the woman was not fødende, but was admitted to the hospital for other reasons.

MORE QUESTIONING: the Police will conduct the questioning of health staff at the Hospital Namsos as was involved in the treatment when pregnant Iselin unexpectedly died in the hospital.

Photo: Eivind Aabakken / NRK Unknown cause of death

Hospital Namsos informed in the course of the weekend Helsetilsynet, the County governor and the police about the incident – in accordance with the procedures the hospital has.

with sudden unexpected deaths, it is common that the police are informed, says fylkeslege in Trøndelag, Jan Vaage.

the Police and the supervisory authority shall together attempt to clarify what has happened. Helsetilsynet has decided to forward the case to the County governor of the county, when it is most appropriate.

– We have not received any documents in the case yet, but know that the woman was come to week 27 of pregnancy when she unexpectedly died at the hospital last Saturday, ” says Vaage.

– Can you say something about why she was hospitalized?

– There was yet a time for her to give birth, so exactly the reason why she was added to the dare I not answer, ” says Vaage.

– It is always serious when young people die, and sometimes is a risk in the bottom. If that was the case here, just speculation, ” says Vaage.

INVESTIGATOR: Fylkeslege Jan Vaage will now obtain all the documentation relating to the death.

Photo: private the County doing surveys

Once the County has received the documents for the meeting will inntaksteamet at fylkeslegen determine how the case is handled further. The team consists of lawyers and doctors.

– the Journal is collected and all other documents in the case. We also obtains normally in statements from the hospital. In some situations, do we out and interviews those who have been directly involved, ” says Vaage.

The deceased is sent to St. Olavs hospital for autopsy, and it is expected that a preliminary report will be released shortly.

UNEXPECTED DEATH: Both the police and the county shall now investigate further what happened when a pregnant woman in the 20’s and her unborn child unexpectedly died at the Hospital Namsos Saturday 21. march.

Photo: Hospital Namsos / NRK Clothes for kids

On the Marøya are all characterized by what has occurred, and the family is touched by all who want to help.

– People come to the door with clothes for the children. It is amazing how kind people are, ” says Hans Fredrik Olsen.

– How is it going with your brother?

– It goes up and down a little, but he has it terribly heavy. He has a crisis team that he gets talked to, and the family is gathered around him here on the Marøya. So we support that as best we can.

Many questions

the Family also sits with many questions, and they know little about what really happened at the hospital.

the Police wrote in the report that they come back with more information when they have done their job, ” says Hans Fredrik Olsen.

He is happy they are a great family who live close to each other.

– It is very nice, for we are a well knit family that takes care of each other.

Spleisen he created to last for 90 days, and it comes increasingly into money.

– Spleisen should not weigh up for the loss he has experienced, but the money will come in handy going forward.